Monday morning and bank holiday

Yesterday was wet and miserable and cold and it looks like today will be the same.  I took the camera up the garden yesterday thinking to take some photos of the flowers in bloom but the heavens opened on me so I beat a hasty retreat having fed the chickens.  The garden certainly looks lush with all this rain but it is best viewed from inside.

The veal chops were very tasty and the left over mash made some nice cheese and onion croquetes for supper.  James was a bit of handful and feeling very down and today he is talking of moving out to stay a Zoe's house which will give us a bit of a break but I think it is a stupid idea as he is still not weight bearing and so very dependant for help.

The radio station from Adelaide duly rang at 9 last night and I spent all of about 2 minutes running through the story of the how Basso retrieved the phone.  I think that that will be the end of his 15 minutes of fame.

Looking round the house is in uproar with stuff scattered everywhere and could desperately do with a bit of a tidy.  I don't think there is a square inch of surface anywhere.

The new sock wool is knitting up rather nicely and graduates through shades of green to navy blue and back again.

I have no real plans for the day except to try and catch up a bit on some sleep if I can.  Have a good day all and I hope you manage to get a bit of sunshine where you are.

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