Tuesday morning

Iris are so beautiful but the flowers dont last long we need to make the most of them while they are with us.

Yesterday started off good and hot so after my early morning chores I was hibernating in the shade of the house until it was time for the hair dresser.  I actually hate having my hair done but it was a real relief this time as it had got all long and straggly so now I am much lighter and cooler too.  The afternoon was hot but the sky was gradually darkening and by tea time we had a couple of claps of thunder which foretold of the deluge to come.  That was all the warning I needed and I shot out and collected all the stuff off the line and quickly ushered the hens to bed.  It only rained for about half an hour but it came down in stair rods and was just what we needed to clear the air and drop the temperature to amore comfortable level.

Today has started off bright and sunny and a bit cooler so I can go and plant my parsley in the green house.  I got a pot of curly and a pot of flat leaf so I have a nice choice.  The wonderful Jane is due today so I will need to do my usual round of emptying the bins and tidying up so that she can clean.  Mark is also coming and I have a lot for him to do in his two hours but first I need to sanitise the garden of dog poo.

For lunch today I thought we would have croque monsieur but with the addition of some nice asparagus spears tucked under the ham.  Then for dinner we will be having one of the shepherds pies that I made earlier.  We had our first english strawberries yesterday and what a delight they are I hulled and quartered them then added a squeeze of lemon and one teaspoon of sugar and left them for a couple of hours.  The macerating brings out the flavour and really enhances the strawberry-ness then a splash of double cream and heaven is assured.  It is interesting that because we eat seasonally the added excitement of the first asparagus or the first strawberries is intense.  I only ever buy english as I have found that spanish strawberries taste of nothing and asparagus from elsewhere is like sticks of wood.  So while the season lasts we make real pigs of ourselves.  We still have the peas, tomatoes, raspberries and cherries to look forward too.   The broad beans in the garden are coming well and we seem to have a reasonable crop of gooseberries developing.  I have already given the rhubarb a bit of a bashing but I think I can get another desert out of the one plant.  I may well look at getting a replacement for the plant I lost last year by allowing it to flower stupid woman that I am.

Anyway onward and upward time to get this show on the road.......
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