Friday Morning

This lovely burst of hot weather has brought out the roses ahead of schedule.

I have woken up at this ungodly hour but I think I will have to go back to bed and try for a bit more sleep but until I feel sleepy I will write.

Yesterday was a lovely day if a bit hot for my liking.  We started off with a walk for the dogs while it was still cool and then called in to the butcher and fishmonger on the way home.  I bought a shoulder of lamb in the butcher which has been slow cooked with vegetables and will form the basis of todays menu.  From the fishmonger I bought some lovely brown shrimps which we had on toast for lunch and then some beautiful mackerel fillets that we had for supper.  I did the mackerel fillets on the girdle pan with a line of gremolata [parsley garlic and lemon zest] running down the line where the pin bones had been removed.  All in all a very tasty supper.  I also bought some nice undyed smoked haddock which has been tucked in the freezer for a later date.   It was a bit hot to garden until much later in the evening by which time I was feeling tired so it is my intention to get my tomato plants in the ground this morning bright and early before it gets too hot in the greenhouse.

The garden is all spruced up and Mark had tidied up the mess that the hens made on their "away day".  not that it was too bad.  He has a wonderful leaf blower which he calls a "lazy mans broom" and I must admit I am envious as it is a wonderful bit of kit.   The canes are erected for the runner beans and now all I need to do is get them in the ground.  I have been keeping an eye on the broad beans but as yet there is no sign of black fly so I have not pinched out the tops yet.

With this nice weather my thoughts have turned to some laundry and my net curtains are due for a good wash so they may well finally get into the machine today along with the shower curtain which is in a parlous state.  The sun really brings out the cleaner in me.  I usually manage to keep it well under control and can always find something far more important to do with my time.

I am in desperate need of a trip to the hair dresser; another thing I manage to put off until I look worse than Basso on a bad day.  I think I will have to bite the bullet and make the appointment for one day next week and get it over and done with.

Well these are my plans for the day but who knows if I will get them done, there is some law about to-do lists that ensures that they are never finished and only seem to get longer and longer.  The more you do the more you find needs doing!!! Perhaps one should write "have-done" lists instead which would at least give you a sense of achievement.

I am beginning to yawn so it is time to try the bed again and see if I can nod off for a while and at least sleep until the sun comes up.  Have a good day all and I hope you get your to do list done.

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