Friday morning

The pittosporum looks its best at this time of the year with the new growth bright green against the almost black of the the older leaves.

Sometimes things go your way and yesterday we had a lull in the terrible weather just long enough for us to go shooting.  The shooting ground was almost under water as it is situated on marsh land close to the QE2 bridge.  We decided to shoot skeet as it requires the least amount of lugging guns and bullets around.  We were just about to get started when a group of three young men asked if they could join us.  We were happy for the company and informed them that we were not skeet shooters just out for a bit of fun.  They accepted this and were happy to help us with the rules of skeet.  One of the guys was rather good and hardly missed a clay but it was not until afterwards that we discovered that he shoots skeet for team GB.  How typical of an Englishman not to mention this.   I didn't disgrace myself too badly but I am very glad I didn't know with whom we were shooting.  After gun cleaning and coffee Shiona and Jeff made their way home and I made a spaghetti carbonara for supper which was real comfort food and so quick and easy.

I had managed to confirm a booked appointment for James at the fracture clinic which only took me 5 phone calls.  I also booked him transport to the hospital as it will reduce the amount of lugging of wheel chairs etc.  The orthopaedic consultant that James is due to see is an upper limb specialist so this makes no sense at all given that his major injury is lower limb.  We also received a letter from the estate agent in Peckham which requires us to produce identification in person, no photo copies and not by post.  This is going to be rather difficult to achieve so this morning I will need to phone them and find out how we can get around this.  Everything seems to be so difficult or is it just my paranoia.

I cancelled my visitors but the large order from Sainsbury is due to arrive this morning between 9 - 10 Then we are to expect delivery of the bed between 8am and 6pm and the matteres might come separately as it comes form a separate warehouse.  Shiona and Keith are coming over this morning to help with the furniture moving and bed building but once that is done we should be all set up for a more comfortable few weeks.  It looks like James is sound asleep in the chair at the moment so at least he is managing some rest the previous night he didn't manage to get any sleep at all but tiredness eventually catches up with you.

In my order is a leg of lamb so I think I may just shove it straight in the oven and then we will be sorted for lunch for 5 and we can eat left overs for supper.  At the moment it is dry but there are big black clouds scudding across the sky so I don't think we will stay that way for long.
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