Friday morning

We had a really good day yesterday at last we have cracked the pain control and James managed to sleep for 7 hours in an armchair with his foot elevated on a pouffe. He was quite obviously exhausted from lack of sleep in the hospital and once out of pain he could sleep at last.   We had a visit from two lovely  ladies from the "rapid response" team who had brought lots of bits with them.  James finds the most useful is the Zimmer frame with wheels which gives him a stable base from which to manoeuvre. They were horrified that he had been sent home with nothing to help him and we had been left to muddle along as best we could.  Isn't it amazing what 24 hours of proper nursing care can achieve!!!

This morning we are off Pembury hospital fracture clinic and so hopefully we may get some information as to prognosis etc.  Mike and Zoe went and bought a memory foam mattress for the bed in her house so he will be able to move in there as soon as we have sorted out the financial side of things.   We are all feeling better now that we have some control of the situation and are not at the mercy of the incompetent.  

I made another batch of French onion soup for lunch which we had with a round of poached chicken, tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches followed by some nice chocolate cup cakes that Zoe had made.  When it came to supper none of us was really in the mood so we ordered a kebab and salad which was nice and easy and saved on the cooking and washing up.

Would you believe it I have just had a telephone call from Adelaide in Australia asking if I would speak on their radio breakfast show about the dog and phone incident.  Who would have believed that the story would have got that far....

And even more good news the complaint that I put in via the IPCC [Independent Police Complaints Commission] had been upheld which makes me feel somewhat vindicated.  The police will now be forced to investigate the whole incident and this should make James case against them that much stronger.  This whole disaster starts with their mishandling of a welfare visit which has had a domino effect and sent his whole life into a downward spiral.  There may yet be light at the end of the tunnel!!!!Now all we need is a little sunshine to go with the copious rain!!!!

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Friday morning

Friday morning