Friday and the end of another week

Wild garlic [ransoms] growing at the end of the garden in a shady spot beneath the magnolia.  The area looks very nice at this time of the year with the bluebells and lily of the valley carpeting the ground.  A few chopped leaves of the garlic make all the difference to a salad.  I use it sparingly as the plant is still young and I would like it to spread a bit further.  I did however pick some rhubarb which I cooked with some stem ginger. This has to be one of my favourite deserts.

The man from Virgin turned up at about 11.30 and installed a new super hub which replaces both the modem and the router.  Then he had the job of getting all the wireless kit to accept the new hardware. I am glad to say that this went without any trouble and all the technology is up and running well.  Including, now are you sitting down!!! the new iPhone which is complete with its new sim card and fully functional.  ALLELUIA

They had threatened us with a wet day but we got away with just a very dull day but it stayed dry even if it was pretty chilly.  I was very shattered so went to bed after lunch and Shiona departed for home.  Today I really must get the dogs out for a run as they are going a bit stir crazy and I need to get a gift for my 90 year old neighbour who is having a party on Saturday to celebrate.  It is very difficult to know what to get her.  She is a diabetic but I know she has a liking for chocolate so maybe just a few really nice hand made chocolates after all at 90 who cares about the rules and I know she has the odd chocolate biscuit when the fancy takes her....

Today for lunch we have some nice salt marsh lamb rumps which I am going to roast and serve with spuds and broccoli which is nice and easy and will give me time for shopping and dog walking.  I have been making some inroads into cleaning the kitchen during the poor weather.  The walls are tiled from floor to ceiling and get pretty mucky so need a good wash from time to time but at least it is easier than having to paint.

Well I think that is about all for this morning I must admit that I feel a bit better for some sleep I was running a bit low and needed to do a bit of catching up.

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