Wednesday morning

What a day I had yesterday, enormous pressure was brought to bear on me to take James home despite the fact that he still cannot weight bear on either of his legs and both the hospital and red cross were unable to provide him with a wheel chair. .  Medway don't want anything to do with him and want to send him to Peckham to an empty flat with three flights of stairs with no lifts and no furniture.  despite the fact that his GP is in Medway.  We were told that we needed to come up a plan!!!  James needless to say was so depressed that his plan was one of total finality which would solve all the problems in one fell swoop.  So far there is no plan in place for physiotherapy, not treatment for his injuries other that copious doses of Oramorph.  The hospital have a pain management team but we have seen not a single sign of them or the smoking cessation team so we are still left with parking him in the multistory car park in an an effort to keep him dry when I can push him in the very heavy wheel chairs which are purchased by a pound in the slot like supermarket trollies.  These chairs are extremely heavy and have completely crippled my back which is adding to my sleepless nights.  By the time Shiona arrived I was on the point of going to the hospital and removing him from their tender care no matter what.  He has received no treatment for his PTSD in the month that he has been an in patient and I received a letter in reply to my formal complaint suggesting that they will not investigate until he is discharged.  We are giving them the opportunity to rectify the situation but they seem to think that they need to finish damaging him before they are prepared to do anything.  Apparently the Patient Advice Liaison team are in regular contact with him.  They have paid one visit in a month when he complained himself about being laughed at by a nurses when he was crippled in agony with cramp in both his calf and thigh muscles.  I took him in some tonic water and some salt and vinegar crisps in the hope that both salt and quinine might help with the cramps.  Shiona was so appalled that her first move was to ring the chief executive and the health ombudsman.  My contact with the local paper with regard to the dog and phone incident has resulted in their offering to help expose the very poor treatment by Medway Maritime Hospital and I may well take them up on their offer.  So far he has not been given any prognosis by the consultant  and they are happy that he is medically fit for discharge despite not being able to walk and having no wheel chair.  The red cross have a waiting list and no chairs available at the moment.  I am now at screaming pitch with frustration and deeply ashamed of my profession.  I tried in vain to get through to the solicitor who is dealing with the flat sale to try and get a letter stating the flat is on the market with vacant possession which might help.  I was told by the ward manager that it might come to putting him in a taxi and dumping him in the social services office to force their hands.  The demoralised nursing staff actually told me they felt he would get better care if he were in prison!!!!

This is what you are paying for with your taxes I am convinced that if he were an illegal immigrant he would be dealt with more sympathetically.

Needless to say that despite sleeping tablets I am again awake at 12.55 so have taken a second dose in the hope of getting some more sleep as I am getting very frayed around the edges.

Sorry about the rant but I am at a loss as to what to do next.  Every fibre of my body says that I should go and rescue him from the hospital and to hell with the consequences.  How much longer must he suffer at their hand.  I do feel somewhat better for venting my frustration here as know that you are on my side and sympathetic to my distress.


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