Wednesday morning and bin day

Things are really beginning to rev up for the holiday.  The Tassimo machine arrived bang on schedule if only the rest to the world worked as efficiently as Amazon.  It is relatively light and will sit comfortably where the kettle normally sits.  I bought some of the pods from Tesco so we now have coffee and hot chocolate but sadly they didn't have any tea pods.  It is very quick and  easy to operate leaving no real mess just the empty pod to throw away.

I had an other run in with the bank/building society yesterday morning they have proved the most intransigent and difficult to work with.  I took a pile of forms to them which need to be filled in by the mortgage lender which again they refused to do.  So now I am going to post them to their head office and let them sort it out.  The bank staff said that they are just trying to protect the client but as I explained they are in fact causing severe problems to their client who will be forced to default on the mortgage despite all our efforts.

The phone situation is now partly resolved as we bought a cheap and nasty £9 phone in Tesco put the sim card in it and when we come back from our holiday I will tackle the insurance company.  I managed to get the last of the washing done and as it rained really heavily I have put it all through the tumble dryer.  I had forgotten to cancel the veg box so that arrived yesterday so I quickly made a batch of leek and potato soup and a cauliflower cheese both of which can go in the freezer for when we return.  The remaining veg will have to wait or come with us.  Today I have a long list of things to do in preparation so once I have visited James I will need to get stuck in.  Len and Margaret have offered to come and collect Nip and Tuc from us this afternoon which will save us a journey.  I have some fruit which I am going to put through the sous vide, it will do for either breakfast or a dessert.  Once that is underway I am going to return to my bed and try for a bit more sleep.

While we are away I will be off the wires but expect a bumper edition and photos when we return as I always keep a log of our holidays.
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