Tuesday morning

Bright and early again this morning thank heavens I can get an hour or so in the afternoon or I would be falling apart by now.  Yesterday, was a really miserable day with constant rain.   I let the chickens out into their main run early but by 3pm I put them back as there was little point in them sitting in the rain.   I had put an order into Sainsbury to be delivered late in the afternoon and what a joy that was, a really nice cheery man delivered all the shopping into the house and all I had to do was put it away.  It was all the heavy stuff so that made life a lot easier and was certainly worth the delivery charge.

The James saga continues: when I visited yesterday the ward sister explained that they were anxious to have their acute bed back and now that he was more mobile he needed to move on but social services were dragging their feet.  I offered to ring them and chivy them up a bit only to find that they were completely unaware of the problem as they had not received a referral.  Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right is doing!!!!  I say that James is more mobile by that I mean he can now get himself into and out of a wheel chair.  He is still unable to walk, even on crutches as the right elbow cannot take any weight yet, so there is still a long way to go.

I seem to spend most of my time on the telephone trying to sort out the various problems but I get exasperated as no one seems to be able to do anything, except send me more forms to fill in which then disappear into the ether.  The sale of the flat seems to have ground to a halt, the phone saga with T mobile seems impossible to resolve as we cannot get through to anyone who can understand let alone resolve the problem.  Solicitors are permanently engaged, banks are even worse.  Sorry to moan but I seem to be banging my head on a brick wall and drowning in paper work.

On a lighter note Shiona is coming over today but not until this evening as she is waiting for the boiler men to come as her boiler has given up the ghost yet again and it is still very cold.  We were hoping to go shooting tomorrow but the weather looks pretty terrible so that is unlikely.  Anyway it will be nice to have some company and a bit of distraction.  Today is supposed to be the best day this week so I must get the dogs out for a run and clean out the hens while the rain give us a rest.

I made two shepherds pies yesterday but didn't have any potatoes for the topping so that will be added today when my veg box arrives.  One will do for supper tonight with some tender stem broccoli and the other can go in the freezer for another day.  My main cooking time which is in the morning seems to be filled with hospital visiting so I have not been doing much of any interest.  I did, however watch the Hairy Bikers in Italy and saw them make a nice pie with a sort of macaroni cheese and meat filling which looked interesting and is on my list of things to do when I find the time.

Well thats about it for now hope you are not suffering too much with this miserable weather and lets hope that May will bring us a bit of warmth and sunshine.


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