Tuesday morning but only just

My sleeping habits have gone completely mad,  my body clock needs to go for repair.  Hopefully the week away will go some way to mending that.  Yesterday was a really miserable day weather wise but I set to and made a batch of shepherds pies one of which we had for lunch.  Then the left over mash was made into lovely croquettes with the addition of cheese, saute onions and an egg.  These made a nice supper with some tomato ketchup. A bag of sous vide fruit and cream for dessert completed the days menu.  I was itching to make a casateillo [neapolitan easter bread] which is described in the blog http://memoriediangelina.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/casatiello-neapolitan-easter-bread.html given my current circumstances I thought it best not to embark on such a project however it is on my list of things to do at some time!!!! do have a look it looks really smashing

The rain was persistant but never heavy but at least the watering of the garden is not a problem.  I have put a trug bucket in the kitchen and a washing up bowl in the sink so I can recycle water from the washing up.  I have another in the bath and surprisingly my morning shower only half fills it and that is used to flush the loo.

On my list today is cleaning out the pump in the pond which has clogged up leaving the water a bit murky as you can see.  This is a chore that I really hate but eventually it has to be done.  I will also need to give the hens a clean out before I pass them over to Tak.   It is no wonder that farmers never take holidays organising the menagerie is quite a task.  

The phone debacle continues, Shiona's Blackberry is too complicated for James to manage left handed so today I am going to Tesco to buy the cheapest mobile I can find and have his sim card put in it.  All this running around could have been averted if only the facilities in his room were functional.  What is the use of a broken TV/Radio/phone.  As far as his health is concerned James is becoming more mobile and is at last suffering less pain and getting some sleep.  He had plenty of visitors yesterday which cheered him up enormously.  At last the medication to damp down the PTSD seem to be taking effect and he is much more relaxed less hypervigilant.     

By way of a holiday present I have ordered a Tasimo coffee maker to go to the caravan.  This hopefully means that we can have decent coffee tea and chocolate with the minimum of fuss and mess, dealing with coffee grounds in the van is a bit of a pain.  According to Amazon it should be with us on Wednesday.  I am beginning to feel sleepy again so I am off to bed to try for a couple more hours.  Have a good day all I hope when you read this I will be sound asleep!!!!  by the way Anne what bummer your boot sale being cancelled!!!

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