Tuesday morning 3am

On a frustration scale of 1-10 yesterday was an 11[see last nights blog for details].  I do know that I am getting pretty tired and after 14 days of battling to get things done with very little success I am beginning to run out of steam.  It is quite hard to keep a handle on all the information.  I have read and filled in so many forms that my mind is turning to minestrone.  Today, I am going to see what help is available from the citizens advise bureau. That is assuming that I can actually get through. I have spent  countless hours listening to endless lists of which button to press to try and get help on various matters not to mention the assortment of music when on hold.  Are there any real people out there or only machines?

One very interesting thing is how the dogs are reacting to the stress levels in the house.  Basso is hardly eating at all and is very clingy watching my every move and wanting to sleep by my bed. He is very aware that there is a management crisis with the pack leader.  The other two older dogs are more laid back just keeping a very low profile but are eating normally.  Mike is beginning to have wild mood swings one minute he is dejected and depressed the next he is angry, frustrated and combative.  He is sleeping very badly but the tablets prescribed by the GP are helping somewhat.  Of course he is not only worried about the James situation but also about me and frustrated by his inability to resolve anything.

Ok enough of all the woes, this morning I am going to make some courgette pancakes which we can have with some crispy bacon for lunch.  Then I think I will avail myself of the home delivery system offered by the supermarket which should save me some precious time.  My vegetable box is due for delivery today but much of last weeks remains uneaten.  I think the hens may do very well!!!!

  • valor potatoes  
  • onions  
  • carrots  
  • swiss chard head  
  • purple sprouting broccoli  
  • beetroot  
  • red + green pepper  
  • green batavia lettuce  
This lot will have to see us through the Easter weekend.  I am still dithering about the holiday and as yet have not cancelled but I think I will have to as I need the break but not the additional worry and work involved.

Apricot tree in bloom so maybe some nice apricots later in the year.

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