Thursday morning

Where to start, the week away means I have dropped all the balls I was juggling so now it is a case of picking them up if I can find them.  First things first I rang the double glazing company to get the patio door lock sorted.  They were very helpful and said for a call out fee of £65 they could come in the next two to three weeks!!!! Mean while the house would be insecure and presumably the insurance invalidated.  I thanked them in my own special way and decided to call out an emergency lock smith.  They were there within the hour very helpful replaced the broken parts total cost £150 but job done house secure.

Next it was time to start the laundry which is monumental - all the stuff from the caravan needs to go through so that is bedding, sleeping bags, clothing and tea towels etc.  Next it is a big bag of clothes from James at the hospital and finally today I may get round to doing all the bed linen as I stripped the beds at home before I left.  I work on a system of getting all the van stuff washed and ironed and packed into a box ready for the next trip so that I dont have to hunt about looking for stuff.  The weather here was absolutely terrible cold and very wet so I have just put everything through the tumble dryer and to hell with the cost.

I had a chat with the ward manager yesterday with regard to what they are planning to do with James.  Apparently social services want to discharge him to his flat in Peckham which of course gets him off the Medway books/budget.   So I informed her that the flat is on the second floor with three flights of stairs and no lift and that it is devoid of furniture and amenities.  In the good old days we used to have such things as convalescent homes which were designed for just this sort of senario there was one trained member of staff and a couple of auxiliaries and the walking wounded were sent for weeks or months if necessary until they were totally able to run their own lives again. The cost was considerably less than that of an acute hospital bed.  Not all progress is for the better!!!! Anyway now that they are fully aware of the situation we will see what they can come up with.

Yesterday afternoon we went and collected Nip and Tuc who were looking fit and well and were rather pleased to see us, so now we have our full quota of animals back again.  Tak has done a fabulous job of looking after the hens so we bought both her and Margaret a nice streptocarpus plant each for their trouble.

One thing I now need to get to grips with is the menu I need to do a bit of planning so that meals are neither a surprise nor a problem.  Last night I was so hungry that I made myself a plate of beans on toast with a fried egg at about 10pm and slept better for a full stomach.  I know you are not supposed to eat late at night but I think I must be a lioness as I never sleep so well as on a full stomach.  Hunt, eat, sleep seems to suit me rather well.  If I have time today I would like to get a loaf of bread underway as we are completely out and then take a trip to the butcher and get some mince and make a bit pot of bolognese sauce which I can then freeze ready for quick meals.

Well that is my first sleeping bag done time I got the chinese laundry going and started the bread so off I go.  Have a good day all - holidays are nice but home is better!!!!
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