Thursday morning

2.30 and the moon is very bright as am I.  Nip and Tuc are away with Len and Margaret so Basso is at last king of the castle.

While I appreciate that the holiday is a necessary break for Mike and I we are both very worried about abandoning James to the care of the Medway hospital.  The word care is just a little incongruous given that absolutely none has been forthcoming.  On every single visit I have had to take his drug chart and find a nurse and ask that he be given his pain medication which although it is witten up for regular administration is given sporadically.  I really don't want to take my eye off the ball for fear of what will happen when I am not around to keep and eye on him.  If his condition was life threatening I would not be going, such is the trust I have in them.

I think the Tassimo machine is going to be a real boon I have dry run it and tried the coffee and chocolate.  The coffee is not bad, the chocolate is a bit soapy but it is made by Cadbury and I know that Suchard also make one which I will try at some time and see if that is better.  I now have some Twinings Breakfast tea pods so we are all set up for hot drinks.  The best part is that there is no mess just an empty pod to throw away.  Yesterday I had the sous vide going all day and made some bags of fruit and some of belly pork which I will take with us for an easy meal.  Tonight I have a frozen shepherds pie for supper which should have defrosted by the time we need it.

The hens had a good clean out and where it had rained so heavily the run is a quagmire but it doesn't seem to bother them.  I hope that all we have left to do is to collect a few clothes and strip the beds as the wonderful Jane will remake them for our return.

The drive to Suffolk will take about 2 hours so it is not a long slog assuming that there are no problems with the QE2 bridge.  The photos are of the farm where we keep the caravan.  They also do bed and breakfast.


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