Thursday morning

Yesterday was a better day, Shiona is here with us and that makes the atmosphere much calmer.  She came with me to see James and confirmed that it was not just me over-reacting: the nursing care is desperately poor.  James was seen by a couple of doctors who spent some time listening to what he had to say which has made him feel much better that at last someone is taking him seriously.  I bullied the little house officer who had reduced his pain relief by half and enquired what his rational was and what exactly had changed to warrant the reduction.  The prescription is now back up to what it should be.  I banged a few heads, yet again, and explained that when you are lying flat on your back it is not possible to manage a cup and that a beaker and even a straw may be necessary.   With one broken arm you cannot pour water from a jug to a beaker unaided especially when the jug is in the bottom draw of your locker.  However we were aghast last night when we enquired about the physiotherapy and the nurse in charge stated that once the X-rays had been seen IF they showed a fracture they would think about a brace.  I just wonder why she thought he had been in hospital for 16 days.  We tried to organise  some TV for him but it is broken so I have left him my ipod with a radio so that at least he has something to listen to.  Staring at a blank wall in solitary confinement for in excess of two weeks would drive anyone to distraction.  He is now on some medication to reduce the terrifying nightmares and they have finally recognised that morphine causes constipation which leads to more pain....  This is all very basic stuff that I would expect a first year student to understand.

The plan for today is to get out early with the dogs and then to go back to the T mobile shop for the third time to try and get the phone working.  Yesterday we took the new sim card they had sent us, which didn't work, and paid another £10 for a new one which still doesn't work.  Better luck today hopefully.....

Jane is coming today so the house will get a spruce up and we have plans for a nice chinese marinaded lamb dish for lunch.  One of James friends is going to bring down the remaining bits and pieces from his flat which should see that part of the problem sorted.  Mike and I are still committed to our holiday so I will need to make contingencies for the chickens, Nip and Tuc the terriers are going to Len and Margaret and Basso who is too big for them will come with us.  The holiday is only a week away so we need to get thinking about what needs doing.  I must admit that my brains are somewhat scrambled at the moment with so much going on.  I think the only answer is to make loads of lists!!!!

Have a good day all and once again thank you all for being there.....
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