Thursday monring

Finally, last night saw me sleep for a whole solid 5 hours I think I was bordering on exhaustion.  Between the sleeping tablets,  pain killers and hot chocolate something did the trick.

We managed to find a number and spoke to the head of Kent Social Services secretary.  Everyone is very sympathetic but that doesn't get anything done.  I hope we have rattled enough cages to get things moving or at least alert everyone that there is a "vocal minority", on the war path.  My concern is for the other 500 patients in that hospital who don't have someone with the tenacity to keep pushing on their behalf.   I don't for one minute think that my son has been singled out for especially bad treatment.

The weather was so nasty that we decided to give up on the shooting idea and instead we made a really lovely gammon recipe which Shiona had found in Constance Spry's book.  Essentially the gammon, after soaking overnight, is cooked on a bed of assorted vegetables with some marsala and stock until it is at disintegration point and then served with creamed spinach.  It was truly delicious and just what was needed on a cold wet and miserable day.  The left overs have been blitzed; the remaining meat chopped and it will be todays lunch in the form of soup.

Just in case you think I am on a negativity binge let me tell you what great service I have had from Swift, the manufacturers of my caravan.  I rang them to find out if there was any formaldehyde in the mattress of our van which could possibly explain my bouts of breathlessness.  They rang me back to tell me that they had been in contact with the mattress manufactures who were now checking with their suppliers  to see exactly what chemicals had been used and to apologise that they could not give me an immediate answer but to assure me that they were taking the matter extremely seriously.

We had a pizza in Dobbies for lunch yesterday and noticed a lovely plant in the border outside their store.  When we enquired what it was they went into overdrive and searched on google and through all their books and finally came up with the answer "epimedium grandiflum crimson beauty"

Sadly they don't supply this plant but I can now search the net and find a supplier.  Oh and by the way there were three wheelchairs in the entrance for disabled customers!!!!!!  So if you are injured get taken to a garden centre not a hospital!!!!!

Yesterday evening we settled down with our lovely full tummies to watch a DVD of
Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception,  a very complex film with the most wonderful effects which requires quite a lot of attention.  Just the ticket to keep the mind occupied while the fingers knit furiously.

We had hoped to go shooting today as yesterday was so wet but it looks like today will be just as wet and windy as well, not good shooting weather!!  

Now don't laugh but today we will be posting off the claim for the mobile phone it has only taken 5 weeks, hundreds of phone calls and numerous letters to sort out the documentation.  The moral of the story is that when buy a mobile phone check with the carrier that the correct IMEI number for the handset has been registered with them.

Thank you all for your comments yesterday, I have not ruled out going to the press but I will give the hospital a couple more days to get their act together.  Apparently next Tuesday the Red Cross will be delivering a wheel chair to us which we can then take into the hospital.  You will be delighted with my forward thinking while we were driving round yesterday we saw a pair of crutches which had been put out for the bin men.  They are now in the garage ready for when James gets a bit more mobile!!!!!!

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