Sunday Morning

Well as Marjorie said this might spark interest we actually made page 5 of the Daily Telegraph and I had a phone call from ITV now all I have to do is to ring them back once I have made the decision as to whether to put the boot in for the Hospital.  They have been warned that the press are interested so they have no excuse and shouldn't be surprised.

It seems to me that we are really in some kind of nightmare.  Yesterday we were taken out to lunch by some friends and went to a local pub where the food was so poor that we ended up not paying for the two portions of fish pie which was very substandard and served with purple sprouting broccoli which was yellow with age and only fit for the compost.  The owner offered us vouchers to return which seemed a nice gesture but then went ahead and charged us.  We returned the vouchers and asked to have the bill amended instead.

At 4pm I got a call from a care assistant wanting to know which of the drugs it was that didn't agree with James.  I do really despair!!!!

Today I will make a foray to Tesco before I visit and purchase a battery for the TENs machine which is now flat!!!!! Of course nothing much happens in the hospital at the weekend it is left in the hands of the fairies.

I did, however, have one piece of good fortune I managed to buy 5kg of onions for £1.50 so today I will make a bucket load of French onion soup and probably a couple of cheese and onion pies.  For lunch I have a chicken which I will simply roast in the halogen oven nice and easy and hard to beat. The weather is due to be horrendous with lashing rain and a nice cold easterly so I think it is a day for staying indoors and keeping warm.


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