Sunday morning

columnar cherry tree in full bloom

Its 2 in the morning and my back is kicking up so while I wait for the ibuprofen to work I though I might as well get on and write a bit.  I think the problem stems from pushing the very heavy wheel chairs at the hospital.  The are very difficult to steer and are best pulled but that makes you walk completely lop sided.  Given that my back is a bit delicate this seems to be the final straw and is causing me some grief.

The weather was a bit more like spring yesterday and I took the dogs out for a walk before heading to the hospital for my usual visit.  James now has a functioning TV in his room and we have purchased a card for him so he can watch a few programs.  At £3.60 per day it is quite and expensive option that is £25.20 per week and for the month he has been an in patient it would have been over £100 so I am quite pleased it has been out of action for the most part.   We largely avoid the parking fees as Mike drops me off at the hospital and returns in two hours to collect me.  We are very fortunate that we live only a couple of miles from the hospital.

For lunch yesterday we had some split pea and ham soup that I made with the remains of a ham hock and for supper we had spaghetti carbonara [no cream] just some bacon and egg yolks and cheese.  I also put several bags of fruit through the sous vide so they are ready when needed.  Today I have a nice shoulder of lamb which I am going to slow cook in the oven and then once we have had a meal the remains will be made into shepherds pies.

The pills are beginning to kick in so I think I will return to bed and see if I can get a bit more sleep before I finally have to face the day.

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