Saturday morning

Not a very good photo but Basso is bringing the phone.  I loved Marjory's comment that James might be better being looked after by the dog and sadly she may well be right.  Shiona and I had a long chat on the phone yesterday and as we were both nurse teachers we agreed that what we have witnessed makes us both feel ashamed.  

I managed to get all the ironing done yesterday so that is one big job out of the way.  I paid my usual visit to the hospital and took with me a couple of slices of tortilla that I had made for lunch.  We are somewhat inundated with eggs so 8 got used up with some bacon and potatoes.  

My potted wisteria is covered in buds so I am hoping for quite a display when they eventually burst forth and as you can see we had some nice patches of sunshine between the showers.  This is exactly the weather that the garden loves, lots of rain and intermittent patches of bright sunshine now all we need is for the temperature to rise a bit and it will be perfect.  I would really like to get out in the garden and do a few jobs but it is still bitterly cold and my back has decided to complain so I had better restrain my enthusiasm for a while.  

Now that James is making progress I have set him on to the phone chasing job which is giving him something to occupy his mind.  We are still waiting for a letter from T mobile so that we can put in an insurance claim and it is not very helpful when the people you are talking to are in the Philippines.  Please let this be a lesson to you all, that if you have an expensive phone do insure it separately.  I will also have to start chasing up the sale of the flat next week but I have the weekend to think about that and how best to approach it.  There is still no information on James discharge because there is a fight going on with social services.  Medway want to pass him back to Southwark, but as I have explained not only is his flat empty and on the market but it is up three flights of stairs with no lift and as yet he cannot walk!!!! and he moved here in October of last year.  Those of you who are old enough to remember convalescent homes will realise that this would be the best option if they still existed.  Perhaps this is a niche in the market that some enterprising person would like to fill as I am sure that there are plenty of walking wounded who need some help to ease them back into normal life and not an acute hospital bed.

Well that about it for today I have a few chores to do this morning one of which is to redo my laminated list that I use for the caravan.  It has a start up and a shut down sequence so that we don't forget anything.  We have on occasions got it wrong and left the radio on standby which completely drained the battery and once we forgot to empty the toilet and had to drive back and fetch it!!!!!

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