Saturday 2 am

Well who is a fool then and didn't realise it was a bank holiday which means everything is open except the banks.  I wondered why it I was in darkness and the door was locked.  However the journey was not totally wasted as I found a really good wool shop that I didn't know existed.  They even sell proper sock wool so I bought a ball of red and as soon as the blue socks are done I will move on to red.

I was going to make the socks in a lacy pattern but I just don't have the concentration required at the moment.

Yesterday, we bought James a portable DVD player so that at least he can watch something while he lies in bed.  I also had to tell the staff that he would not be coming here when discharged which means that social services will have to be involved and find him some accommodation.  In the long run this might get him a start elsewhere with a bit of a leg up from the all the taxes we have paid.  All the time I am around they will do nothing and leave me to deal with everything.  However, I feel a complete rat but I can see no other way to get some help.  "they kill willing horses".

Shiona is popping over today to collect a watch she put in for repair and we will have a bite of lunch together.  She is off to Scotland on Monday and we are off to Suffolk on Thursday.  In the mean time I am trying to get a few things together to take with us.  The left over meat balls have been vac packed and a pot of split pea and ham soup will also be frozen then vac packed.  The washing is up to date but not the ironing.  I usually strip the beds when we leave and Jane makes them up fresh for our return.  I think it is lovely to come home to a freshly made bed.  I do the same with the caravan I always leave the bed freshly made so that when we arrive it is one less job to do.  Nip and Tuc will be staying with Margaret and Len it is only Basso we have to worry about.  The van has plenty of dog bowls in it but I do need to take a weeks worth of dog food, leads and whistles etc.  I will also take some dummies so that I can do a bit of training with him.  I have done virtually nothing since the end of the hunting season.

Now here is a moan we have to take loads of chargers for all the electrical bits and pieces. When are they going to make a universal charger?  We have a very nice TV with DVD player and free-view in the van so evening entertainment is sorted.  They have even thought of putting a plug and ariel outlet in the bedroom so you can watch TV in bed.  The van is fitted with a nice Blaupunkt stereo system so music and radio are provided.   As we are only staying a week I don't think it is worth putting the awning up and besides Henry and Angela will be next door with their motor home.  As you will gather the caravan is by no means roughing it and is just a lovely home compressed into a small space.  The bathroom is adequate with shower, hand basin and toilet and the kitchen has hot and cold running water,  microwave, oven and grill and four burner hob and a large fridge with a reasonable freezer compartment.  The whole van is heated by a blown air central heating system so even if it gets cold we will be nice and toasty warm.  The pitch rental is £7.50 per night including all the electricity and water you need.  Sadly it dosen't come with waitress service so we often eat out and I am intending to try out the British Larder on this visit.  We keep the van stocked with essentials like toothbrushes shampoo and basic food stuffs so there is very little we need to take other than clothes and a change of linen which is taken home for washing.

Have a great Easter holiday all and lets hope the weather warms up a little so we can go outside and enjoy the spring flowers.


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