Wednesday 3am

No matter what is happening the flowers bloom regardless.  We actually had a couple of splashes of rain during the day; not enough to really wet the ground or do any real good.

I spent the majority of the day at the hospital.  After 15 days of inaction they finally managed to get the psychiatric team to come and see James last night and they were pretty shocked that things had been allowed to get so far out of hand. It had taken the ward sister 6 phone calls that day to finally get help for James.   They were not impressed with the conditions in which he was being kept but were very keen to rule out any organic cause for his current mental state.  The fact that he is being kept in a room with no form of stimulation on a mattress on the floor and nothing to distract him coupled with the extremely poor pain control and total immobility are certainly contributing factors.   When he wakes from one of his nightmares he is terror struck and convinced that he is in Abu Ghraib prison.  He take some convincing that this is not the case and that the staff are there to help not torture him.
I had a long chat with the liaison nurse which made me feel that at last someone was taking his condition seriously.  Quite frankly he would have got better care if he had been admitted to Battersea dogs home rather than a hospital.

While trawling around on the internet I found a number for the MIND help line and they were absolute magic.  They put me straight through to their legal team who have given me some phone numbers of various organisations who may be helpful and suggested that we may well be looking at medical negligence case.

Both Mike and I had a very poor day yesterday we are both pretty frayed around the edges and the stress and lack of sleep are taking their toll on us.  One of the things that really concern me is that I have a medical background and know how the system works and I am struggling so what hope is there for families who find themselves in this sort of situation with no idea how it all works or what is going on.  I had a chat with my friend Elly whose grandmother was admitted to the same hospital with a urine infection and delirious with fever.  She is absolutely convinced that had she not been on hand to ensure that the poor old lady was given both food and water she would have died.

We have decided that all the paper work will just have to wait as we cannot cope with that as well.  Hopefully all the sale of the flat is now in the hands of the solicitors and they can get on an earn their money.  The most unhelpful bank can go hang and I will not make anymore moves to be helpful they can chase us if the want anything, like money!!!! sadly I feel I may be unable to give them any information owing to the data protection act.  Two can play at that game!!!!

Finally, thank you for your comments and offers of help sadly there is little anyone can do and we will just have to muddle through this as best we can but it is nice to know that you are out there and listening ....

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