Monday morning

I did phone ITV but sadly they wanted me to appear on the Day Break program which is one step too far.  I am not happy having my photo taken let alone in front of a TV camera.  However, they are going to keep my name in the diary and possibly interview James with Basso once he is discharged from hospital.  I did however contact the reporter who did the original story and take her up on her offer to expose the terrible care at the Medway.  James is making good progress with the crutches and now that we have replaced the battery in the TENS machine it is working well.  It is interesting that the machine idea had to come from me and that having provided it they didn't seem to think it might need a replacement battery.

Yesterday, was a day of heavy rain and I got absolutely soaked while sorting out the hens.  I thought I had dashed out in a quiet patch but the rain must have seen me and came down in stair rods.  Once indoors it was back to the kitchen and the warmth of the oven to dry off.  I made two cheese and onion pies but as I had run short of filling for the second I added a layer of creamed spinach.  A very nice variation!! I made a couple of litres of french onion soup for the freezer.  The roast chicken that had been on the menu for lunch was abandoned in favour of the irresistible hot pies as they came out of the oven.  Once the chicken was cold I dismantled it and the carcass has been in the slow cooker over night making some delicious stock/broth.  The dogs are always thrilled with this process as they know that they will be getting a chicken dinner once I have picked over the carcass.

The latest sock adventure is with some yarn that makes the pattern look like complex fair isle but it is just the way the yarn is dyed.  I am pleased with the results now I need to knit its brother.  For some reason I have assumed that socks are of the male gender!!!  If the proportions look a little odd it is in fact the angle of the photo.

According to the weather forecast it is supposed to be a lovely day today so I intend to take the dogs for a walk before I go to the hospital and will take them in the car so James can come and see Basso and thank him appropriately.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts I believe we are in for more rain later in the week.  No doubt it will pour on Wednesday and ruin my shooting yet again.


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