Monday morning

Here we go again the beginning of another week.  The weekend seems to have whistled by as usual and though we have had lovely sunshine early in the morning the afternoons have turned blustery and cold and wet.  Yesterday we even had a hail storm before it turned to rain.  My latest pair of socks are finished and though the colour has not come out well on the photo they are very comfortable and warm.  The rather odd striped pattern is from the random dyed yarn.  I had knitted one sock which came out rather large and so sent it to Mikes brother David to try as he has size 13 feet to hold up his 6'6" frame and sadly it fits well so now I have to knit its brother.  I was hoping it would be useless and make a good duster!!!!

Yesterday was not such a good day for James he was just settling down to watch the grand prix when his TV packed up yet again and then just to make his life complete he broke a tooth - is there no end to the misery that can be heaped on this poor boy?

I managed to get out with the dogs and had a nice walk in the sunshine then it was home for a slow roasted shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings.  Today the left overs will be made into a shepherds pie or two which will make for some nice quick and easy meals.  I picked my first spinach from the garden and had that wilted with some olive oil and garlic - very nice.  I also noticed on my walk that the sea beat is coming along very well so I may pick a bit of that to accompany the pies.  For supper we had boiled eggs and toasty soldiers which seemed to fit the bill.  I also decided that I would put in an order to Sainsbury to be delivered between 5 - 6 this evening.  I ordered all the heavy stuff like tinned tomatoes, bottles of fizzy water and squash which will make life a lot easier for us both.  My back is still giving me trouble and I am actually up at this ungodly hour waiting for the ibuprofen to take effect before I go back to bed and try to sleep some more.  I am trying to be sensible and not put too much strain on my back but it seems to wake me every night as I get stiff in bed.  I seem to be better off keeping it moving gently.

All this sun and rain means that the garden is coming along well but so are the weeds and I really need to get ahead of them now before they go to seed and get completely out of hand.  Given that we are possibly looking at a drought through the summer I have decided to keep the number of pots to  a minimum and the window box may go unplanted which will keep the watering to a minimum.  The vegetable plot is full of onions, shallots, garlic and broad beans but I still have some room for a few runner beans and maybe some small french beans.  The glass house will as usual be stuffed with tomatoes and cucumbers and the odd lettuce which should see us through the summer.

Well thats about it for now I have a multitude of phone calls to make once the rest of the world is awake so now that I am pain free I think I will go and give my bed another try.

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