Monday frustration levels at maximum

Monday morning up a 2am sorting out all the documentation for the day making photocopies etc.  9am at the hospital to make appointment regarding complaint.  Quick visit to James to sign all the documents.  10.30 appointment with bank manager who refused to accept the power of attorney document and wanted one with an embossed logo "you can feel with your fingers".  Therefore nothing resolved.  Back to the hospital to keep appointment with Patient liaison person.  First question, "do you want to make a formal complaint?   Answer "yes that is what I asked to do" well in that case here is a leaflet explaining what you need to do I'm sorry I can't help you.  Visit to ward to discuss James progress with house officer who felt he was ready for discharge.  Usual argument forwarded that it is not possible for me to look after him in his current condition.  No treatment yet organised or forthcoming for the PTSD still in lots of pain and unable to take weight on either leg.  The doctor asked James how he was getting on with his physiotherapy - as yet there has been none.

Quick dash up to Peckham to let in the energy certificate man who was there for perhaps 15 minutes and took pictures of the boiler and measurements of the room sizes.

Hasty lunch in greasy spoon cafe then back via Bluewater to sort out IMEI number of the mobile phone.  It transpires that the reason for the mistake is that the shop are not allowed to sell iphones on their contract with T mobile so they buy them from the apple shop and send in the IMEI number of a Samsung galaxy.  I now have the correct number for the handset.  Arrived home rang T mobile to report the fraud but apparently they are not interested and the problem does not warrant escalating to a supervisor.  Rang James insurance company to find that the policy for sickness or accident will not cut in until 52 weeks after the first date of the illness they will send us some forms to fill in!!!!

New rug had arrived and looks splendid

5.30 put the chickens to bed fed the dogs  checked the answer phone to find a message from the hospital to say that James had fallen out of bed but was fine and being checked over by the doctor.  Went to bed in utter frustation, exasperation and exhaustion, slept for 4 hours.  Start again tomorrow!!!!!
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