Saturday morning and wet

Here is the cutting from yesterdays paper which really cheered James up.  He is now up on crutches and doing very well after his first physiotherapy session.  He also had a visit from the pain management team and has been given a TENS machine to help with the pelvic pain.  I have a had a call from the head of social services liaison.  Isn't it amazing what happens when you ring the health ombudsman, CEO of the Trust and the CEO of social services  and inform them that the only people who are showing an interest in James are the press!!!!!!!!!

Continuing with the Basso saga, Sandy has a new iPad and contacted me with Face time.  Poor Basso was very confused he kept looking at her on the screen and listening to her voice.  He understood that it was her but why was she inside the glass box?  Anyway, she is coming over today so he will be mighty relieved that she has been released.  We are going out to lunch with her and her other half so that will be a nice break for us.

One pair of size 13 socks completed and today they will be winging their way to Mikes brother in the post.  Shiona brought me some lovely wool and a partially knitted sock that her mother had been doing but found too difficult so I have been tasked with finishing them.  Well it keeps me out of mischief and keeps my hands busy.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day but it is already raining and from the weather forecast it looks like a pretty terrible weekend.  Sunday is supposed to be really windy and very wet.  I think we will all have webbed feet before long.

Have a good weekend despite the weather.......


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