April fools day

Good morning folks it is 3 am and I am wide awake with my head spinning with thoughts.  If only there was an off button wouldn't it be wonderful.

I went to the hospital as usual yesterday morning and went straight to the enquiries desk to ask who I should speak to make a formal complaint.  I had forgotten it was Saturday and of course the hospital is on autopilot and run by fairies.  James seemed much better and was being given adequate analgesia.  He had just returned from xRay, where presumably they were checking to see if the fractured were getting better or worse with the lack of any form of treatment.  I returned home feeling a little better, at least he was not screaming in pain.  My wonderful friend Sandi had bought me some packets of coffee from the wonderful food emporium which is close to her house.  She and her husband joined us for a sumptuous lunch of potato croquettes and fried eggs.  I had made a loaf of bread earlier which could double as a house brick or make an attractive door stop.  I am convinced that cooking is an art form and if your heart is not in it, it shows in the results.  Sandi came and had a look at my mad chicken who has decided that this years look is "oven ready" and is removing all her feathers.  We have discounted mites as the problem as the others would be showing similar signs.  At the moment I can't bring my mind to bear on the hen problem as there are far too many other things needing my attention.

How not to take a photo, make sure you cast a good shadow over the subject!!!!

In the afternoon I tried to have a rest and but sleep evaded me and in the end after a long chat with our friends in France I decided to go to the hospital and see if James was OK.  Zoe was with him but he was like a bear with a sore head and had decided that I was persona non grata as I was responsible for most of his misery as it was me who sold his bike.  The fact that it would probably have been impounded from where it was and that he is unlikely to be riding a bike again in under 6 months has escaped him.  We did however have one small victory Westminster council have agreed that the ticket they issued him was not legal and have agreed to refund the money.  I must admit I think it is time I did the lottery as surely some good fortune must come my way eventually.  I think our holiday will have to be cancelled as things are far too volatile to allow me to get any rest.  I think I would just fret so perhaps it is best not to go especially as they are threatening to discharge James.  Poor Shiona also has her hands full as her mother, who lives in Scotland, is none too well and she is trying to organise friends and relatives to keep an eye on her until she can get there to sort things out.  Fortunately she has brothers and sister who can lend a hand.

When we were at the ideal homes exhibition we bought some very nice moisturiser with dead sea minerals which I have been applying assiduously for a week.  As you can imagine I can now pass for a twenty year old!!!!  Sadly no amount of cream can turn back the clock.  The only options are to iron my face or surgery.

Mike and I retired to bed last night consoling ourselves that we could have all this mess and be living in a hovel as well, so things could be worse...

Lets hope today brings a glimmer of light even if the weather is dull and overcast.

By the way thank you all for your comments, they do not go unread, and it is nice to think that there are people who are on my side as I wade through the bureaucracy that is life in the UK these days.  Perhaps there is a niche in the market for a disaster coordination service so that when you are struck by a major problem there is somewhere to go where people can help you sift through the mess.  What about the citizens advice, apparently you must phone at 9.30 on the day you want your 15 minute telephone appointment which of course means that the phone is permanently engaged!!!!


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