Monday morning and day 14 of the disaster

Good morning all, again it is stupid o'clock and I find myself awake.  So having a chat with you will while away some of the time until the sun rises.  Actually I have a couple of piles of forms that need filling in with regard to the flat sale so that too will keep me out of mischief.  Today is going to be a busy one starting with the Bank manager at 10.30 then it will be off up to the hospital to try to make a complaint then up to Peckham to meet the energy certificate guy and do the fixture and fittings list.  then time permitting we will stop at Bluewater on the way back and go to the Fone House and see if we can finally get the right IMEI number for the lost phone hand set.   If I am still vertical I will then see if I can pop in and see James on the way back.

I went in to see him yesterday only to find his room in complete disarray, as he was dozing I took some evidentiary photos.  There was stuff scattered far and wide and his bed table as usual on his right [broken arm] side carefully placed out of his reach with a stone cold china cup of tea which obviously he would neither be unable to reach nor drink.   What is wrong with these people are they blind or stupid or both!!!  Anyway the sister though he might manage a shower but moving from the bed to the comode prove to be far too painful and so we settled for a wash in bed.  Midway through the process I had to have a firm word with the domestic who wanted to clean the floors.   I assured her that as soon as he was decent I would call her so that the floor could be cleaned.   By this time he was exhausted and consequently didn't feel able to eat the lunch which was dire, cold and unseasoned anyway.  I did, however, persuade him to eat the banana he had for dessert and gave him a beaker of coffee and made sure he was given his pain relief.  I really feel between a rock and a hard place by not taking him home I am condemning him to substandard care but I feel unable to look after him alone.  Absolutely nothing is being done about his PTSD and one of the nurses commented that he would be receiving better care if he were in prison!!!!!

Fortunately it was a lovely sunny day and I managed to get all the washing out on the line and dry as I was rapidly running low on underwear for James.  As you can imagine the house is a bit of a pig sty but there is one good thing about mess it will always wait until you are ready to deal with it.  I am not worrying about such trivia and am trying to get as much rest as possible with only the essentials being done.

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