Friday Morning

My new clematis is in bloom and looking good.  We had a really busy day yesterday, I made what felt like a hundred phone calls sorting out various bits and pieces before finally going up to the hospital to visit James.  He had rung earlier and I mentioned that we had found some crutches for him.  At that moment a physiotherapist came to see him and suggested that we bring in the crutches and see if they were OK.  This was the first physiotherapy visit in the 5 weeks of his stay.  Miraculously, when we got there, with said crutches, they had already provided him with a pair.  However, we went up to the ward in a lift with an elderly gentleman who had just pushed a wheel chair from his home several miles away so that his relative could have it in the hospital because apparently they haven't got any!!!!!!  So you see it is not just James who is receiving five star treatment.  Anyway we gave him a nice bowl of our wonderful soup and a cheese and tomato sandwich.

Shiona went into Tesco on the way home and bought herself a kindle as she is an avid reader and while it was charging we took the dogs for a nice long walk down by the sea side.  It was blowing a gale but the sun was out and the rain had stopped.  The 5 dogs had a wonderful time as the tide was in so swimming was on the cards.  Nip, Tuc and Mary all swam but Hamish barked and paddled and Basso just waded in up to his shoulders.  We then spent some time in the field to allow the dogs to dry off a bit; can you imagine the wonderful aroma in the car of 5 wet dogs!!!!

This week has seemed endless but I think we have achieved a little progress and we have certainly rattled the cages of a few of the overpaid.  It is quite a job to run your own life plus the life of another person and contend with the short comings of the local hospital.  My dining room looks like the office of some large corporation with files, letters and bits of paper everywhere.  I think I could use the services of a good PA, a typing pool and a telephonist/receptionist.  The catering department has suffered somewhat but fortunately the freezer is well stocked.  The dogs are filling the role of kitchen porters keeping the floor clear of detritus and pre washing the pots and pans.

With Shiona here for a couple of days there were two of us hard at it so I feel that we now have things back under control.  I have a fairly long list of things to do today before everything grinds to a halt for the weekend.

I very seldom remember my dreams but the other night I dreamt that Basso was running a muck and try as I might I couldn't get my whistle to work.  You don't need a degree in psychology to work out that this was a frustration dream!!!!!

Anyway have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to have some....

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