Friday morning

Why a picture of Basso this morning? well all will become clear.  Yesterday, I got stuck into the washing and the machine ran all day load after load went through then on to the tumble dryer and now it is piled high waiting for me and the ironing board.  Not only was there the caravan washing but also the house hold linen and then a big bag of clothes that I picked up from the hospital.  While the machines did their stuff I went to the hospital as usual to visit.  James was trying to clarify in his own mind exactly what had happened and get some sort of chronological order with regard to his stay in hospital.  A large part of the initial stay was clouded in morphine and pain.  We then got round to talking about the actual accident.  After he had fallen and landed on the concrete he tried to attract attention by shouting with no success as both sets of neighbours were out.  He then dragged himself bodily over the step into the dining room where he discovered that the phone was in its cradle on a shelf above the desk.  He threw his shoe at it to disloge it but it fell yards from him.  Basso needless to say had retrieved the shoe so the idea struck him to send Basso for the phone and "bless his cotton socks" he retrieved the phone so that James could make the 999 call.  "He saved my life Mum", was the comment, a slight exaggeration but I'm sure that is just how he felt.  All the long gruelling hours of training in rain and wind and cold have been worth it no only is he now a competent picking up dog but he can bring you more than just a dead pheasant.  The hospital stay continues to by some sort of sick joke.  I discovered yesterday that the wheel chair that James had been using belonged to another ward and they have reclaimed their property so he is now left with a big heavy chair with small wheels  which is really hard for him to use.  It is hard enough for me to push so I don't know how he manages.  It was suggested that I might like to buy one from Argos!!!!  I had already been out to buy him a new razor as they had seen fit to throw his away along with two electric cigarettes, a DVD player had to be purchased his TV was broken.  It seems to me that this is some kind of DIY service provide your own equipement and also your own nursing care and they will sporadically supply drugs  and substandard food.  You can also give the house officer a lesson in reading X-rays and explain the difference between the sacroiliac joint and a sacral fracture.

Mark the gardener came yesterday afternoon and sprayed the weeds with weedkiller but then the heavens opened so I am not sure that it will have done any good.  I made a big pot of bolognese sauce which will be divided up and frozen for quick and easy meals.  I also made some plain mince to have with boiled potatoes which is a favourite of Mikes.  Today we need to hit the shops and have a restock and I also need to make some inroads into the ironing.  I will feel so much better once all the laundry is away and out of my sight.  According to the weather forecast the drought is due to continue!!!  Oh happy days.......


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