Friday morning

Well here we go again "another day another dollar".  Yesterday we finally managed to accomplish something after two weeks of trying we now have a working phone with a working sim card linked to the contract that James in tied into.  I wont bore you with the details but it took considerable tenacity and many phone calls and much trawling from shop to shop to finally get this done.  In the great scheme of things this is a minor victory but at least it is something we can fix.  A couple of James friends came down from london to visit him so I gave myself the day off and concentrated on some of the paperwork.    This morning I have to go to the building society with a big pile of forms for them to deal with.  I think I am becoming paranoid as it seems to me that when any organisation needs information or money they are happy to ask for it and I give it readily but when I need help or information I hit the data protection act brick wall.

We set off bright and early yesterday morning and got the dogs out for a walk. It was bitterly cold with a nasty east wind that cut you in half but at least there was no snow.  Shiona had brought some very nice lamb fillets with her and we made a recipe from the good old Ken Hom book which was really very nice and easy to do.  I had made some meat balls which will do for lunch today and there is a pot full of mince and onions ready made.  I abandoned any thoughts of bread making as things are too volatile and bought a loaf from our independent baker.  This chickens got a good clean out and refill of food and water which should keep them going for a couple of days and Jane spruced up the house.  If I get the washing and ironing done we are almost back to normal.  I also need to have a bit of think about what we will need for our holiday and make sure things are ready.  We always seem to take too many clothes but with the English weather it is difficult to get it right given that it can go from 18 degrees to 1 degree in a couple of days.

Shiona left at about 4pm and I put myself to bed for a rest at about 5.30 hoping for an hours shut eye.  Well, the body is an incredible thing, I passed out and didn't wake until 8.30 when I had a cup of tea and a sandwich and promptly fell back to sleep until my usual time of 3am.  I obviously needed the sleep and to recharge my batteries and feel a bit better this morning.

The plan for today is to walk the dogs, go to the building society and then pay a visit to the hospital.

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