Easter Sunday morning

It is 3 am which is marginally better than 2 am.  With my very early start yesterday I did manage to accomplish a few chores.  The laundry at least is now up to date and I prepared some kidneys for lunch when Shiona and Keith were due.  I got the dogs out bright and early then went to visit James, he seemed much better in himself and I managed to get him out in a wheel chair and outside for a breath of fresh air.  He was pretty unimpressed at having to wear my jacket but given that there were plenty of patients outside in pyjamas I don't think he looked any more stupid than they did.  They have at last moved him into a bed rather than the matteres on the floor so he felt he was making some progress.  Margaret who is working in the hospital coffee shop on Saturdays also came to visit and she as an ex midwife was pretty disgusted with the conditions.  Out of the three lifts to the fourth floor there is only one that is working and the frames around the lift doors are held up by RSJ's.  for the non engineering that is "rolled steel joists" which are used as temporary props to stop things collapsing.  It really does fill you with confidence!!!!  The DVD player has been a real boon as the TV/radio/phone in his room is broken.  While we were outside his bed was made and someone kindly tidied up the room so that is looked less like a bomb site.  I bought him a pint of milk to drink as I feel that he is in need of all the calcium he can get if his bones are to heal and the food in the hospital while it will keep you alive is not very nourishing.  This has been one of my pet hobby horses throughout my career - sick people need very good food if they are to make a good recovery - plenty of protein and vitamins to make new tissue and heal the damaged.  I know exactly the content and calorie value of what I feed my dogs but as for patients in hospital no one has the remotest idea!!!!
I had a chat with my next door neighbour who works at the hospital in the cancer unit and she agreed that the hospital is in crisis, under staffed, underfunded and an embarrassing disgrace.  

When I got home Shiona had taken over in the kitchen and lunch was underway she now knows her way around really well and I had left all the ingredients to hand.  After lunch my friend Tak came to have a lesson in poultry care as she has volunteered to look after the hens while I am away.  She runs a cattery and has dogs of her own so animal husbandry is second nature to her and she was quite surprised at just how little effort is needed.  Of course the eggs will be hers and she has also asked if she can have the manure for her vegetables which I willingly agreed to.

Today my plan is to walk the dogs visit James and this time remember to take the phone charger and a coat for him as well as some fresh DVD's.  Sadly my choice is not exactly his taste but it is better than nothing.  I have taken the precaution of marking everything with labels with his name so that they don't go missing or get thrown away.  I then have a leg of lamb to cook for lunch which we will have with roast potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli, which is at its peak at this time of the year.  There should be plenty of left overs to make shepherds pies.

I hope that James now understands that the only way to make the system work is to abdicate responsibility completely there seems to be no half measures.  Of course I will always be lurking in the background for added support but until I withdraw nothing will be forthcoming.  So much for the big society and joined up thinking and all the other clichés.

Have a great day and enjoy the Easter break even if the weather is cold and dull......

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