Bank Holiday Monday morning

2am and I am awake and restless. Yesterday was  a pretty miserable day weather wise it was drizzly and cold.  There was no real rain for the garden but just enough to make it unpleasant.  I paid my usual visit to the hospital in the morning and came home with a big bag of washing which has been processed through the washing machine and tumble dryer ready for return today.  I am trying to keep it all up to date so that we dont find too much when we return from our holiday.  The little house officer showed me James latest set of X-rays but sadly I had to show her the sacral fractures which she had mistaken for a joint.  Another confidence booster!!!! James friend brought the last few bits from his flat so I hope that is now completely clear and ready for sale.

The roast leg of lamb was really nice and with roast potatoes and sprouting broccoli made a good meal which did us for the day.  Today I will process the left overs into shepherds pies and the hens can have the bones.  I have rather neglected my grooming duties so Basso got a going over, much to his disgust, the terriers are short coated and need little if any attention.  Basso, on the other hand, turns into a Rastafarian in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow will see another attempt with the Bank which should be back up and running after the Easter break.  Then I hope all the paperwork is up to date and can sit for a week while we are away.  Wednesday will be a busy day as the terriers will need their things packed and then delivered to Len and Margaret, the hens will need cleaning out and our bits and pieces will need to be gathered ready for packing.  I usually take something frozen for supper the first evening and empty the fridge of any bits that are likely to go off and take them with me.  I have booked us a table for four for Sunday lunch at the British Larder which is something I have been looking forward to for ages.  I expect we will also make a run at some time to the Butley oysterage for a our usual oyster fix.  As the van has been closed all winter I think we will need to run the heating for a while just to warm it through but it is surprising how quickly it comes up to a reasonable temperature especially if I turn the burners and oven on on the stove as well.

The weather forecast is for rain today but I for one am not complaining as we desperately need it.

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