Wednesday morning and bin day

Good morning all, now I know that you are wondering if I did what I was told and went to the ideal homes,  Well you will be pleased to hear that for once in  my life I did the sensible thing and went and I am pleased that I did as my mind was taken from all the mess and I could think about other things.  We caught a slow train up to Charing cross during which time I managed to finish one of my next pair of socks much to the amusement of a group of french school girls on a day trip to London.  A bit of a shuffle around on the underground got us to Earls Court and the exhibition.  It is the first time I have been for years and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as crowded as I remember and there were lots of places to rest your weary legs with a bit of a sit down.  Did I buy lots of rubbish? well of course I did!!!  perhaps rubbish is too strong a word.  I bought some lovely moisturising cream which will probably last me the rest of my life.  I also bought a magic whisk which is really useful for small amounts of stuff where the ballon whisk is to big and there is no way I would dirty the big machine.

 This morning it will be put to the test as I intend to make souffle omelettes.  However, both Shiona and I bought a "Light 'n' easy" steam mop and within minutes of getting home it was out of the box and fired up and my kitchen floor and dining room carpet have been cleaned, rather well I might add.

Around lunch time we were trying to decide what to eat and sampled some curry but sadly I spilled some down my pale pink shirt - what a mess then we happened upon a stand selling the eco egg washing system and the demonstrator offered to remove the stain.  This she managed to do with cold water and the magic egg - now I know you all know just how difficult it is to remove turmeric.  To my amazement the stain was gone and I hot footed it to the ladies where the powerful hand dryer dealt with the wet patch.  Shiona was so impressed that she bought one I on the other hand didn't as I have just purchased two large boxes of soap powder from the cash and carry but once they are finished I may well get one for myself.


Anyway a thoroughly good day was had by all and we came home loaded with all our purchases.  We ordered a chinese to be delivered as we had eaten only a sausage for lunch then it was off to the hospital to visit James who had had no visitors all day and so he was very glad to see us.  His fractured elbow was at last in a decent back slab and his pain relief regimen had been amended so that he has a mixture of drugs which should work well together and hopefully keep him out of the worst of the pain.  

I will go and visit him again this morning and have a chat with the clinical nurse specialist to find out exactly what they have in mind for his treatment.  He has been staring at a blank wall for 7 days unable to move and feels he is going quietly crazy so my next task is to load up an iPod with an assortment of music for him as he doesn't have the concentration to read.

Mark has done a lovely job of the garden and Jane gave the house a good once over so it was really nice to come home and find things all in order.  With the current chaos I have not been very assiduous with my house cleaning!!!  I will have to have a walk around the garden with the camera once it is daylight.  

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather we are currently having....  


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