Wednesday morning and bin day

Yes sock mania is progressing well. Now this latest sock I like!  Can I recommend that if you find your self waiting in a hospital then sock knitting is a great pass time.  I managed to complete this one yesterday.  The body of the sock is in 2x2 rib but the sole is in plain stocking stitch.  James is home but not well and very angry so quite difficult for everyone.  I was going to go shooting with Shiona this morning but she is going to come over and offer moral support and we can have a knitting and chatting session instead.  No doubt if the weather is fine we can take the dogs for a walk and do a bit of shopping too.  I was in Dobbies the other day and spotted the most beautiful Hellebore.  I didn't buy one as my mind was elsewhere but I have been thinking of it ever since so today I think I will indulge myself and buy one.  I'm not sure where in the garden to put it but I'm sure I will find somewhere.  They say you should go to a garden centre every month and buy something in flower that way you will have a garden with colour all year round.

We were due to go to a family bun fight on Sunday but Mike rang last night and cancelled as neither of us is in the mood for jollity at the moment and rather than be wet blankets we think it is better to cry off and stay at home and lick our wounds.  It is interesting that in times of great stress my mind is filled with cliches.  Jane came yesterday and was an absolute sweetie she has had her share of troubles with her children and so she does really understand how stressful the situation is.  Anyway best of all the house is now sparkling clean and smelling and less like a dog kennel.

My veg box arrived yesterday with a nice bottle of white wine as a gift apparently it is our 200th box which means we have been having vegetables from Riverford for about 4 years.  In this weeks box I have some leeks so today I feel a leek and potato soup is in order.   Soup is a nice comfort food and with a couple of slices of toast will do for a meal when you are not in the mood to cook.

I think I will get the soup on a gentle simmer and then go back to bed and try to get a couple more hours sleep as I have a bit of catching up to do....

Have a good day all
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