Wednesday morning and bin day

Yesterday was a day of bits and pieces and in the end I was too shattered to be bothered with the cinema, perhaps Thursday would be a better day.

The laundry had piled up so that took quite a while to sort out.  On my way to the washing machine I had dropped a couple of pairs of socks which I sent Basso to fetch.  Jane was absolutely gobsmacked that he could do this.  Basso too was delighted as he normally gets into trouble for stealing underwear.

Then I had some salmon which I put through the sous vide and given that it was on and hot I also put a pile of chicken legs and thighs through as well.  We had the salmon for supper with some potato salad and crisp fennel salad.  The some of the chicken legs will be for tonights supper the rest can sit in the fridge for a later date.  However my vacuum packer was playing up and refusing to seal the bags so I think it may well be on the blink.

While I was out with the dogs I noticed that there were some violets in bloom but sadly I didn't have my camera with me so I can't show you.  We had a very dull chilly day with almost no sun after sunrise just thick cloud.   While we were in the field there was a lady with a long haired alsatian which she had on a lead and every time it was approached by another dog she had hysterics.  Needless to say Basso bombed over to say hello but fortunately obeyed his whistle and stopped dead then turned and came back.  I have also been practicing hand signals with him and he is now getting the idea that if I am standing with my arms out that means come back and if they are crossed over my chest it means sit.

Once I had finished knitting the socks I had a request for a couple more scarves so I set too and got one finished last night and the second one will be finished today.  This will make a grand total of 26 that I have knitted.   My next move is to try some socks in double knitting which should be nice and thick for wearing in wellingtons.

Thanks to Anne I have managed to set up the spread sheet I was working on so I am absolutely delighted and it has saved me hours of work and trial and error learning.

Today I am hoping to go shooting with Shiona and Jeff  and we have a small job of removing Hamish's stitches which should make him more comfortable.  As yet I have not had any bright ideas for lunch so I think it may well be a kebab.  I had a very poor nights sleep so I am not expecting to shoot well but we will see.

Must rush now as the bin men will be here soon and I need to clear the garden of dog messages first.
Have a good day all and Anne I hope your pampering is all you expect and more besides.....
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