Tuesday morning

Good morning all now this must be the first time in ages that I am us so late.  I went to see James as usual in the morning and he was so much better.  I had a long chat with with the specialist nurse and also the registrar who were hopeful that the specialist pelvic chap would be able to give them advice now that he was back from leave!!!  Moral of the story is make sure you check which doctors are on holiday before having any accidents.  I was assured that I would be informed of what treatment was recommended.
We then set to with the organisation of the other outstanding items.  I spoke to the insurance company and informed them that I had no paperwork except a bank statement showing a direct debit payment and would be grateful if they could send me the policy details.  Power of attorney was duly emailed and back came a nice letter asking for the policy number.  Obviously I had been speaking chinese!!!  Next it was an attempt to sort out the mobile phone.  T mobile have sent a letter for the insurance company stating that the Samsung galaxy had been black listed.  It was and iPhone 4 so they have the wrong IMEI number.  I then had to ring the fone house at Bluewater where it was purchased to try and find out the correct number.  Sadly I didn't know the name of the assistant who served James and they would have to check their records and get back to me.  NOTHING.  Then it was on with the bike which urgently needed to be moved.  Do you think I could contact the friend who had the bike keys, no so it was off to their house with what keys I could find and hope I could undo the padlock.  Fortunately as we arrived so did the friend with the keys.  The bike was duly picked up and away it went and though it is worth some 1500 we were only offered 1000 so after a bit of negotiating it was bumped up to 1150 and Mike will go and collect the check today.  I rang social services to see if there was any help available for James now that he is injured and in hospital. They would phone me back so the machine said, did they NO.

Shiona arrive in the afternoon and we had a nice supper of duck legs and purple sprouting broccoli and retired for an early night.  At 10 pm the phone rang could I come to the hospital and sort James out!!!  Shiona and I arrived to find him in screaming agony again having only just that minute been given his pain relief so we spent and hour getting him settled into a bed as apparently the pelvic specialist has said the can start to mobilise him.  I think the hospital could get a bill for agency nursing as that is all it takes to sort out the problems!!!!!!

Hopefully I am off to the ideal homes today and will have a days relief from all the crud we have to deal with.
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