Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  I am exhausted but not from knitting socks!!!   Yesterday is a day I will not forget in a hurry.  The powder keg we have been sitting on for the past 6 months finally blew up.  James went into melt down and I spent most of the day at the local hospital.  I am pleased to say that physically he in not in any danger now, but mentally he is desperately in need of help which seems almost impossible to get.    As a mother I was concerned at just how many straws it would take to break the camels back.  Now I know and it is back to picking up the pieces.  My shoulders are broad but they are creaking under the strain.  Mike is lost and devastated so needs some support himself he is not a well man at the best of times.  We none of us know which way to turn next.  I managed a couple of hours sleep last night but it was not enough to recharge my batteries however we will see what today brings.  My only consolation is that I know there are plenty of people who have worse problems to deal with and in the great scheme of things this is just a blip.  I feel that I need to fast forward through time and get to a place past this hiccup.  Anyway have a good day all I will too will hope that things improve......

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