Tuesday morning

Red sails in the sun set. 

When you have gone to the trouble of getting a silk duvet from China, it is seems only appropriate to have a duvet cover with a bit of class, so here is a nice red satin one.  It is so 'loud', as to keep you awake at night!!!

The clematis is planted and has its obelisk to climb as it develops and hopefully will have a mass of white flowers to brighten up what is a very dull corner.

Another pair of socks finished ready for Shiona on Wednesday.

Did I do the green house? the answer is no, it was too cold to get soaked to the skin so I abandoned the idea in favour of finishing the socks.

Now here is a bit of a moan; we are about to have a hose pipe ban imposed on us as part of the drought order.  Yes we have had a couple of dry winters but they have also been building houses with no thought as to how they would be supplied with water.  For the last 30 years to my knowledge we have needed another reservoir and have they built one?  No, they have paid the share holders instead.  I am on a water meter and as far as I am concerned once the water is through the meter it belongs to me and what I do with my purchase is entirely up to me.  I don't do a great deal of watering of the garden but occasionally new plants need a bit of help.  Yes I could do it with a watering can but that is guaranteed to do my back in so I will be using my hose.  Do I feel guilty? No, all my machines are AAA rated and use the minimum of water, we shower instead of bath and the toilets have reduced flushes which are only used when necessary and I have 5 water butts.  I am very aware of water conservation and being a camper I know just how much water we use per day.  When we are in the caravan every drop has to be fetched in a barrel from a stand pipe which makes you careful.  Why are they not insisting that new properties have grey water tanks to flush the toilets and other water saving devises?

OK moan over, today I would like to go to the cinema and see 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel',  it has such a wonderful cast of seasoned British actors it should be really good.  Tonight for supper I have planned some poached salmon [sous vide] so it can sit and wait for us when we get back.  If I do a few potatoes and a tomato salad that should do.  

I was pleased with the hens after their traumatic move to the outside world I expected a hiccup in egg production but none of it there were four lovely eggs yesterday morning.  I also spent some time getting to grips with the Mac spread sheet. There is nothing like trial and error learning!!!!  I think I have it more or less cracked now but I cannot get it to subtract one cell from another which will need some investigating.  Any ideas welcome!!!!!

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