Tuesday morning

Another memory of Nigeria this illuminated address has been hung in James flat since my parents died and now it is back in my house.  The wording is quite amusing and the art work is definitely primitive but it has always provided a talking point.

Yesterday, was a relatively quiet day, I went off to the hairdresser at 9am and now I am pleased to report that my hair is once more manageable.  It was bitterly cold with a fierce wind blowing.  We demolished the last of the tongue for lunch and I made preparations for a nice shell fish risotto for supper which as it turned out we had quite early as James had come home.  There is one portion left which I am going to make into sort of fish cakes today.  I just intend to make it into patties and then egg and breadcrumb them and shallow fry.  I don't see why it shouldn't work do you?

The wonderful Jane is due today so the house will be spruced up a bit and with all the rain there is a bit of mud around on the carpet but it is better to let it dry then hoover.  We are due to meet up with Len and Margaret at Dobbies at 11 so we can have a good look around then retire to the restaurant for lunch. It is lovely to go to a brand new store as all the staff are on their best behaviour and everyone is trying really hard to please.  I will need to be a bit restrained as there are so many lovely plants to be had but it is too early to be planting out.  Once the hens are out of the green house I can fill it with plants but until then it would be foolish to buy loads.

Shiona and I had intended to go shooting tomorrow but the weather forecast looks terrible with lots of rain so we may need to postpone until Thursday.  We both fancy a go at shooting "down the line", which is one of the clay disciplines we haven't had a go at yet.  In this, the clays are launched on a low trajectory flying away from you at high speed and in any direction so it should be quite exciting but we will probably miss more than we kill.   We console ourselves with the fact that we would never go hungry as we always manage to bag something.

On that happy note I am off to make some sandwiches for James lunch and get stuck into these risotto patties!!!
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