Thursday morning

Good morning all yesterdays visit to James was a bit of an eye opener as they are making moves to discharge him home to me once the OT have checked the suitability of the premises.  As yet they
haven't even sat him out of bed!!!  He is completely incapable of even pulling himself up in the bed, he is still catheterised, so I don't know what they think they are doing!!!! I hope they are just forward planning, I think I am going to have to stand my ground and refuse to take him home until I am happy that I will be able to cope with him.  Especially as he is still having terrible nightmares and I don't have a gaggle of porters to call on if he falls out of bed.

Now on to more mundane things, we tried the Eco egg on a load of washing and it did as good a job as any soap powder so that looks like it might be a success.  The egg contains enough beads to last 72 washes so it should work out very economically.  If Shiona continues to be happy with it I may well purchase one myself once I have used up the industrial quantities of soap powder I have in stock.

The steam cleaner works wonderfully and has done a lovely job of both the kitchen floor and the dining room carpet.  Both of which take a real battering with between 3-5 dogs in and out.  Today I will tackle a couple of stains in the bedroom where Tuc had been sick when he was unwell.

Now as for the whizzy whip we used that to make souffle omelettes for lunch and that is certainly a very successful device.  It converts a couple of egg whites to stiff peaks in no time at all and a couple of inches of milk become a jug full of froth equally quickly then just a passing it under a running tap and it is clean and ready to go again.  I think it may also have the added benefit of dealing with the bingo wings as it is a bit of a workout for the upper arms.

We received reams of paper from the solicitors with regard to selling the flat but there are so many questions we cannot answer we will have to pass it on to the people who own the other half of the flat and hope that they can fill in the blanks.  In the mean time we have made an appointment with the bank manager so we can get an up to date statement, and one for the energy certificate man to come to the flat on Monday so we will have to drive up there and meet him.  It will also give us the opportunity to check over the list of fixtures and fittings.  I still have not managed to sort out the mobile phone problems so more phone calls to them this morning.  then it will be calls to the department of work and pensions to appraise them of the change of circumstances.  Shiona my wonderful PA/barrister/nurse and chef has had to go home but will be coming back next week for a couple of days to try to save my sanity.  It has been so useful to have her as a sounding board as I am never quite sure if I am just over reacting to the various situations.  It is always gratifying to know that you are upset with justification!!! rather than just an emotional response.

Anyway one thing is for certain boredom is not a problem at present.

Have a good day all, isn't the sunshine wonderful?

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