Thursday morning

Just when you think things can get no worse!  do you remember some time ago I bought a key safe, well thank goodness I did or I would have no front door today.  Shiona Mike and I were just coming back from our run to Dobbies, where I had bought the lovely hellebore, when we saw two ambulances drawn up outside our house.  The paramedics had let themselves in only to be confronted by 5 wet dogs who had just been for their walk/swim.  On my dining room floor lay James who had fallen from the roof.  While we were out he had decided to hang his England flag and had slipped and fallen some 15 feet.  He had managed to crawl in to the house and call an ambulance and given them the combination for the key safe.  So after some half hour of immobilising and 20mg of morphine  and copious Entonox [gas and air] it was off to the hospital where they X-rayed him and scanned him to discover that he has a very badly fractured heel bone [calcaneum] and a fractured pelvis and sacrum.  Fortunately being young and fit he is physiologically stable.
I got home from the hospital at about 8.30 pm and Shiona, bless her, had sorted everything out and the soup I had made at the crack of dawn went down very well with a couple of slices of toast.

Today James is going to be seen by the ankle and foot specialist orthopaedic surgeons and also a specialist in pelvic fractures, they will then decide what is to be done. He may be transfered to St Georges in London to deal with the pelvic fractures.  Shiona is going to stay on until Friday by which time we should be a bit clearer on what is happening.

While I was at the hospital with James absolutely every neighbour in the street made an appearance with offers of help.  It is really so nice to know that people care and no doubt over the coming days that help will be called upon.  Poor Mike is distraught as there is so little he can do to help and worried about me as well as James.  Shiona of course has reassured him as best she can and after a good nights sleep we will all be better able to face what the day brings.


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