Thursday morning

Good morning all, well it is stupid o'clock and I am wide awake.  The heating is off and it is pretty chilly here and a mere 2 degrees outside.  We had a nice day shooting yesterday and I managed to come in only 5 shot behind Jeff and all of those were lost on the last stand.  It was chilly and dull when we first arrived but the sun did come out and made for a very pleasant day.  Young Hamish [the west highland white terrier] had his stitches removed leaving him with a beautifully healed wound from his surgery.  He was very well behaved as I held him and Shiona removed the stitches, so all in all, he has been a very good patient.  It will take about a month for the testosterone to leave his system and hopefully he will be a bit less head strong.

Poor Baso was very disappointed yesterday evening as the boys next door were playing cricket but would not let him field.  He sat glumly in our garden watching the game and hoping for an invitation.  We had had a kebab for lunch so were not very hungry at supper time;  a piece of grilled chicken was all we needed however I had done some vegetable to accompany James portion.  This morning I really need to make a loaf of bread as I am running very low and have only got enough for the boys packed lunch.  I had a bit of a disaster yesterday when my vacuum machine finally gave up the ghost so I have immediately ordered a new one as it is something that I find extremely useful.
This machine has the facility to seal without vacuuming which is useful for things with marinades or other liquids.  With a camping holiday coming up in April I am going to need to do some advanced cooking so it is really necessary.  Well that's my excuse anyway!!!

I am hoping to go to the cinema today but as I have got up so early there is every chance that I will fall asleep during the film.  Supper tonight is pork chops with mashed swede and if I get it all ready there will only be a few knobs to turn later on.  It wont matter if I am in cloud cuckoo land.

I did a small experiment yesterday morning when I had my shower and discovered that it took more water to get the shower up to temperature than it did to have a shower.  I therefore intend to put a bucket in the shower to save the wasted water and use it to flush the toilet or pour on the garden.  Sadly our bathroom is at the front of the house so using a siphon to remove the water would entail a hose pipe right through the upper floor and would therefore be impractical.  I may also invest in a washing up bowl rather than just using the sink.  More than this I cannot do!!!

Ok time I got the bread underway and the pork chops defrosting.  Have a good day all.......
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