Thursday morning

The rather nice statue outside Dobbies it appears to be made of rusty wire but looks very appropriate outside a garden centre.

What a miserable day it was yesterday, I got drowned out walking the dogs and the wind was absolutely freezing.  Of course the dogs didn't mind one bit and revelled in the wind which seem to drive them mad with excitement.  I had walked out on our usual route but decided to make the return journey via the field which I though would be more protected.  Wrong, it was even more exposed to the wind and the driving rain looked like smoke billowing across the field horizontally.

As it turned out the irish stew was an ideal meal as James too arrived home soaked to the skin so a big bowl of irish stew accompanied by peas and carrots was perfect.  While I was cooking yesterday I prepared a rabbit and made stock with the carcass so today that will be made into a fricasse with mushrooms.  The carcass will be picked over for the dogs breakfast then the bones given to the hens to give the final cleaning,  talk about economy!!!! Now all I need is a bone grinder so I can make bone meal for the garden and then there would be no waste at all!!!! The hens are very efficient at stripping bones of any edible bits.

My next pair of socks were finished and went straight on James feet to warm them up and now I have started another pair but this time with smaller needles and hopefully they will come out small enough for Shiona.  The needles are made of bamboo and it looks for all the world as if I am knitting with toothpicks....

I am not sure if we are going shooting today as it largely depends on the weather and if Shiona fancies a trip to Dartford.  It would appear that giving in to the first twinges of back ache have done the trick and my back is now quiet and peaceful.  Long may it last.

Well thats about it for today I have plenty of jobs to be getting on with so I will go and get started and by the way many thanks to all those of you who jot down comments.  I always read them and it is a nice feeling to know that you are out there in the ether.

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