Thursday morning

Well all that waiting and is it worth it the second Strelizia flower is finally out in all its glory.  It really is a very bizarre flower and I am not sure if I really like it.

We had a very mild but over cast day yesterday but it was ideal shooting weather.  However, when we arrived at the club there was a chap who didn't have anyone to shoot with so he came round with us.  He was a very good shot but insisted on giving instructions to both Shiona and I which is guaranteed to put you off your stroke.  About half way round I had almost lost the will to live!!!  This sounds very ungrateful but we were happy muddling along on our own and the one thing I have learned is that the more instructions you get the less likely you are to hit anything.   We didn't get back home until about half past one and by the time we had eaten it was gone two and I was beginning to sink into the west.  Shiona booked up at my vet to have her male dog castrated and so she is coming to us first thing on Friday morning to deliver him to the vet and then we will probably go to Bluewater for a genius lesson at the Apple shop.  I will need to write down all my queries so that I can get answers.  At the moment the only real problem I have is that the email no longer gets sent to my iPad which is a bit of a nuisance and I am sure it is just one of the settings that needs changing.   I also need to get my photos sorted into some sort of order as they are now in a bit of a muddle.

In the sock knitting department I have purchased a shot counter [under £5] to help me count rows.  The standard kitting counter is no real use as it doesn't fit on the needles and with four rotating it is pretty useless.

The great thing with the shot counter is that you just press the button at the end of each row so it is much easier to keep tally of how many rows you have done. This is quite important if you want a pair of matching socks!!!

Today is going to be a quiet and peaceful day I have nothing exciting planned so I can take my time out with the dogs and with the weather so mild I may just get out into the garden and get a head start on the weeding.  I have a couple of thyme plants that I have been nursing on the kitchen window sill all winter and I now think I could risk putting them in the ground hoping we have seen the last of the frost.

We have a very big Dobbies opening this month and I am hoping that I may be able to lay my hands on some bargain plants if I go to the official opening.  They also have a food hall which will be of great interest and may save me the lengthy trip to Faversham for a decent selection of cheeses.

We have enough chicken and vegetables left from last night to do again for this evening so that is one less job.  Then I intend to make Jota which is an soup from the Trieste region of Italy and as it will take a while to make I had better get started.  It consists of beans, sauerkraut, bacon and sausage and is a very hearty winter dish and like most of these type of dishes it is better on the second day.  

I have just noticed that today is the 1st March so I must ring the camp site and book our place for the week in July when Sandy and I are off to the labrador club meeting.  We had such a good time last year that we can't wait until July.  I will also need to read the meters and put powder in the dogs ears which is a monthly chore.  I find it easier to do these things on the first that way I don't forget.

As I seem to be the first one up it must be my turn to pinch punch and all that.  Anyway, have a good day whatever you have planned.

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