Sunday morning

What a glorious day it was yesterday, not that I got much opportunity to enjoy it.  I popped in to see James first thing but ended up sorting out an elderly gentleman who was very confused and was trying to shred his pillow he then acquired a pair of very sharp nail scissors and proceeded to shred his pyjamas so I am afraid I confiscated both  before he could do any serious damage to himself.  The two compos mentis  patient were in direct sun shine and gradually cooking so I drew the curtains for them.  I then set too and tidied up the accumulated rubbish around James and straightened out his bed and pillows.  I think I will be putting in a bill to the hospital as agency staff!!!!  James finally got his heel scanned yesterday afternoon but they have yet to manage to do the elbow.  He has been immobile for 4 days now and I am getting concerned that the other problems of bed rest will be an increasing risk.  Deep vein thrombosis is being dealt with by anticoagulants but he is still at risk of a pressure sore, chest infection, urinary tract infection and fat embolism, so the risks are significant.  That is assuming he does no damage to the nerves running through his pelvis.  There seems to be little sense of urgency with regard to treatment.  Now that it is the weekend I know that hospitals go into sleep mode so I am hopeful that Monday may see some movement.

Mike and I and the dogs are ticking along as best we can.  I found some left over soup and a pasty which we shared for lunch and for supper some mince and potatoes that I had cooked and frozen some time ago.  Neither of us was eating with relish but just refuelling.  I managed to grab a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon which is very restorative and I put myself to bed early last night.  I am grabbing sleep as and when I can.

The plan this morning is to go and visit James.  We are fortunate that we live only a couple of miles from the hospital so Mike drops me off and I phone when I need picking up.  This save huge parking charges and makes Mike feel useful.  We are then off to Len and Margaret for lunch and the dogs have also been invited so that makes things easier for me.

Shiona is coming back tomorrow evening in anticipation of going to the ideal homes exhibition on Tuesday.  I must admit that I would rather not go but she is keen and so I will keep her company.

Well that is about it for today I will keep you abreast of what is happening so at least this soap opera which is my life will keep running!!!!

PS don't forget the clocks have gone forward one hour and it is later than you think!!!!
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