Sunday morning

As you can see I am still in the throws of sock madness I have moved up from 4ply to double knitting and thought I would experiment with a cable and some different colours.  After taking the dogs for a walk in the rain yesterday morning I stopped off at a different wool shop to try and find some double ended 4mm needles which luckily they had.  They also had a couple of large bins of odd balls of wool at £1.25 each.  So when I run out of my current supply of remnants I will be able to restock or should that be resock!!! anyway I had intended to make this pair knee length but the ribbing is too tight so they will just have to be short ones.

The saga of the lost phone rumbles on; the insurance company will only cough up when they have a letter from the service provider stating that the old phone had been black listed. Which is fair enough. The service provider will only send the letter to the billing address which is of course in London and so not very convenient.  I think we may just have to buy the phone and then wait for the paperwork to catch us up and reimburse the money.  I paid the parking fines even thought they are being contested as I know that the money just doubles up while they decide what to do.  And where is the photographic proof that the bike was legally parked? yes, you've got it, on the lost phone...... It never rains but it pours!!!!

Now on to more interesting things.  Last night for supper we had a lovely fillet of cod which had been line caught in the Medway estuary the previous night.  To do it justice I just dusted it with some seasoned flour and pan fried it and served it with the cauliflower cheese which was languishing in the fridge.  I also made a big batch of short crust pastry which is now vac packed and in the freezer ready for any pies or quiches I may suddenly decide to make.  It was such a miserable day that cooking and knitting were just the things as outdoor activities off the menu.

We are due for another day of rain today so I guess it will be a repeat of yesterday.  I have a lovely loin of pork which I am going to roast with all the trimmings so that should keep me amused until lunch time.  Which reminds me I must get it out of the fridge now so that it reaches room temperature before cooking. It never ceases to amaze me just how long it takes food to come up to room temperature and it makes a great difference when cooking what temperature you start with.  Putting a large lump of icy cold meat in a hot oven just reduces the oven temperature drastically and take much longer to cook.

I did a little experiment with the water yesterday.  It takes ages for my hot tap to start running hot so I decided to catch the water in a jug and use it for filling the kettle etc.  I was very surprised that my 3 litre jug was filled by the time the water was luke warm and those three litres kept us in teas and coffee for the day.  The washing up water was tipped into a bucket and used to flush the toilet.  This morning I intend to do something similar with the shower which takes forever to get hot.  Anyway, I feel very virtuous with my water economy even if Southern Water are not.  If we run short of water it will not be my fault!!! and who knows it may also reduce my bill.  And the way we are haemorrhaging money at the moment that can only be a good thing.

I can taste the crackling already!!!!!

What are you having?
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