Sunday morning

Yet another sock finished I recon it is taking me approximately a week to knit a pair of socks now that I have the pattern cracked.  This pair are smaller as I have reduced the size of the needles and I hope they will fit Shiona as it was she who provided the wool and if I keep knitting the pair should be finished by wednesday when she comes over for shooting.  

On our walk yesterday Basso managed to get himself covered in burrs and for once he stood still as we got the magic comb and stripped them out of his coat.  I think he has finally twigged that we are trying to help him not torture him.  His own efforts merely result in his transferring the burs from his legs to his face.

James took himself off to sort out the banking which is now all in order so that is one less chore but we still have yet to get the forms filled in for the inland revenue so I guess that will be todays job.  For ages now I have felt the need of a DVD player to accompany my TV so yesterday I bought an extremely cheap one in Tesco and got it all plugged in and running so I can now watch the stack of DVD's that I have been meaning to watch for ages.

Now here is a little moan I got an email from british gas yesterday informing me that they are going to increase my direct debit for gas by £10 per month.  Given that I am £100 in credit this seem to be a very stupid idea especially with summer coming so I will have to phone them and get them to stop the increase.  I could understand it if we were behind in our payments.  Just another unnecessary job to be done!!!

We had the pork chops form the Dobbies butcher last night for supper and they proved to be very good and nice and tender.  Today we will be having one of their chickens roast in the halogen oven but first I am going to brine it which seems to make a big difference to the succulence.  With it I am going to make a cauliflower cheese.  This has to be my favorite way to eat cauliflower and now that I am able to make a cheese sauce Heston style it is no real chore.

The crossword puzzle got put on hold so we can have an hour or two of fun doing that this morning.  As it is general knowledge we do all the clues we can from our own brains then fill in the gaps with the aid of wikipedia.

I thought I would give you an update on the silk duvet now that I have had it on the bed for some time.  It is very unlike the normal duvet as it is very thin and light and you would be convinced that it could not keep you warm.  However, much to my amazement it has kept me toasty warm through even the coldest of nights.  I gave it a good test on the night it was -10 when I slept with my door open and my bedroom open to the elements.  I slept soundly and nicely warm despite the very low temperatures.  Does it get hot in warmer weather the answer is no it just seems to maintain your body at a perfect temperature.  I don't understand how this works but it does!!!  Presumably it is designed to keep the little silk worm at an even temperature despite the outside conditions.

I never got around to planting my new purchases but maybe today will be the day or I may leave it for Mark to do when he comes towards the end of the month.  I am thinking that the chickens could be moved back out to their run so that we can clean out the green house which is in a bit of mess.  It does mean that I have to make two trips each day one to let them out feed, water and collect eggs and one to lock them away from Mr fox at night.  It is not that I mind doing the extra journey but I must try to remember as it is no longer a habit.  Their house had been disassembled and open to the elements over the winter so the first job will be to rebuild it.

My lifes to-do list seems to get ever longer and as soon as one job is done two more are added.  There never seems to be a day when I can relax knowing the list is finished!!!!

Have a good day all and enjoy the warm sunshine if you have it in your region.
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