Sunday morning

Yesterday was one of two halves.  The morning was filled with all the usual things like bread making washing and ironing.  Shiona had a small jumper to finish sewing together for her nieces birthday so once that was done I then passed the iron over it and we packed it up and got it to the post office.  For lunch I had made potted shrimp and stuffed tomatoes which we had with some toast.  No sooner had I got the washing on the line than we had a shower of rain.  Just enough to wet the washing but not enough to do any real good to the garden.  They have forecast rain again today so lets hope we get enough to make it worthwhile.

In the afternoon we had a shopping experience as we went to the brand new, and only just open, Dobbies.  Well, what a lovely store, there is hardly anything they don't sell.  I gave the food hall a good once over and had a chat with the butcher.  I enquired if they would be having veal and was informed that anything I wanted could be organised from their main branch in Faversham. Great!!!  The self service restaurant had a magnificent display of food on offer and the bakery had a great display of bread, cakes and hand made chocolates.  The cheeses on offer were legion!!!  Sometime during the week I will take another trip and give the nursery section a good once over.  I actually came out empty handed as this was just a reconnoitring trip.  However, my crystal ball tells me some serious money could be spent in this shop!!!!!

In the evening one of James friends deliver about 10 black bags stuffed with clothing and household linens.  The remaining furniture will be going into storage at Shiona's house this morning.  The ebony elephant was one of the gifts presented to my father when he left nigeria.  While the carving is not spectacular the fact that it is made from one solid piece of ebony is worth mentioning as the trees don't grow very large this is an unusually large item.  It is desperately in need of a good clean which will be one of my jobs for today.

Lunch will be easy as I boiled an ox tongue yesterday and today all I will have to do is boil some vegetables and make a caper sauce to accompany it.  The last of the ironing will be done and then I will settle down and finish the crossword which is missing some words that I will have to look up on wikipedia and continue with knitting socks.
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