Saturday morning

Buds are bursting out all over the place and spring is just round the corner.   I had taken the dogs for their usual walk yesterday and decided to do a bit of training with them.  I thought I was alone in the field but when I turned round there were several other dog walkers watching the demonstration.  Fortunately the session had gone well and the dogs were performing well, perhaps they knew there was an audience!!!  We then took ourselves to the grand opening of Dobbies where we had a free cup of coffee and two free primula plants.  It was absolute bedlam in the shop so we spent only a little time there and then beat a hasty retreat.  I bought the clematis "Avalanche" for the patio pot and managed to find one at a reasonable cost.  The first plant I looked at was £45 which I was not going to pay and finally I found a smaller one for £12 which was more my style.  I also bought a pair of chickens from the butcher for £8 one of which I dismembered the other I have left whole for Sunday lunch.  

I spent several happy hours sorting out the files on the computer and I now think I have got to grips with the way in which it organises itself.  However, when I looked at the photos I found that they had all been duplicated which means more happy hours sorting that out.  Anyway, at least it keeps my brain alive!!!
Talking of which; today is crossword day so I have that to look forward to.  We have ear marked today to get to grips with paper work for James as he is now officially self employed we need to get that sorted out with the tax office and start keeping records of income and expenditure.  We have been keeping all his receipts in an envelope so they are ready to be recorded.  His new cards have not yet arrived but as he now has proof of identity he may actually be able to access his bank account.

Today for lunch I am intending to do some of the pork chops I bought last week from the new butcher so we will see how good they are.  I also need to make a couple of loaves of bread as we have rather hammered the last two.  Last night for supper we had the cod which was much cheaper than pollock which has rocketed in price.  I simply pan fried it with some parsley sauce and an assortment of vegetables.

If I have the time I would like to get the plants I bought put into the ground, but that is not an urgent job as they will be quite happy in their pots until I can get round to it.  In the mean time until it is light I will be slogging away on the computer sorting things to my satisfaction.  Hope you all have a good weekend whatever you have planned.....
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