Saturday morning

Well a generally successful day was had by all, if you can count successful surgery in that equation.  Little Hamish was taken off to the vet bright and early and we picked him up at 5pm minus his ornaments.   Poor little thing was a bit dopy so he has been put in the big dog crate for his comfort and to keep the other dogs off him until he is feeling a bit more awake.  Once we had deposited the dog at the vet it was off to the Apple shop and the genius bar for some help.  Some of my queries were answered and now the iPad is fully functional and receiving eMails which was merely a case of re-entering the email address once it had been cleared.  My problems with the photographic program will unfortunately require a bit of dedicated effort to sort out.  There is no quick way to organise things the way I want them.

We had lunch at a tapas bar as none of was really hungry which was hardly surprising considering that we had had scones with clotted cream and "Little Scarlet", strawberry jam for breakfast.  I found a jar of this rather rare jam while I was shopping in Faversham and even though I am not a strawberry jam lover I have to admit it is the best I have ever tasted.  Apparently this is the jam supplied to the Queen by Tiptree.  I was extremely restrained in Lakeland and only bought the furniture polish and some cable ties to tidy up my computer.

For supper we had the Jota soup which had been embellished with frankfurters, Italian pepper sausage and a nice ham hock.  We all had two portions as it was rather better tasting than it looked.  I still have a couple of portions left so I think they may end up in the freezer if we don't have them for lunch today.  I have an Ox tongue [brined] which I intend to have boiled with some caper sauce either today or tomorrow.  Shiona and her wounded soldier are heading back home today and James should return either tonight or tomorrow night.  I hate this sort of chaotic coming and going as it makes catering so difficult as I am never sure how many I have for each meal.  Shiona was pleased not to have to drive home last night as it was desperately foggy and would have been very unpleasant.  It was lovely to have her here to change the bed as we were both nurses we can make beds properly and in double quick time. The training of many years ago still holds good today.

Once it is light I will take the little boy outside for a wee and see if he would like some breakfast as he has had nothing for 24 hours.  He is drinking so we are happy with his post operative recovery.  The vet is also happy for us to remove his stitches in 10 days time which will save a trip.  As yet I have no plans for the day other than to get the paper and do the crossword which as you know is my Saturday treat.  Then there is the inevitable laundry to do!!!!
Have a good day whatever you have planned...........
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