Saturday morning but only just

Oh hell it is stupid o'clock again and I am awake.  I went to visit James yesterday morning and found him a bit more comfortable but seriously sleepy with the morphine.  However, we managed to get him to sign, left handed, a power of attorney document so that we can now get something done with his bank etc.   Suddenly all my nursing skills were brought back from retirement and I set to and cleaned his mouth and gave him a shave.  I also made sure that he drank some fluids and filled in his menu card.  There is still no movement on treatment and they tried to scan him again yesterday but had to abandon it as he was in too much pain.  Today they are going to try again with some heavy sedation so they can get the pictures.   There is quite a lot of stuff to sort out as his flat is due to be on the market solicitors needed to be instructed and his motorbike needs to be sold to defray some of the costs.  The motorbike is some three miles away outside a friends house so it is all a bit difficult.  I have yet to sort out his phone but most of the relevant people have been informed of the situation.  This has to be a damage limitation exercise.  While the data protection act is a wonderful thing in these circumstances it is a real pain in the backside.

Shiona and Mike had done a sterling job of sorting out the paperwork so we could make all the relevant phone calls.  After cooking us a lovely lunch Shiona set off for home with her dogs as today is her Birthday and she has friends coming.  She has been the most wonderful support through all this mayhem and has beavered away in the background keeping the household running.  Meals have just appeared and washing up was done by fairies.  She has left her duvet here as she will be back on Monday evening as we are due to go to the ideal homes exhibition on Tuesday.

Today I will go in and visit James again and then tackle the bank and the phone which will see some of the problems put on hold.  Len and margaret have invited us to lunch on Sunday and I think we will take them up on the offer.  We have had so many offers of help and I for one am very happy to accept any offers.  It is at times like these that you discover how very nice most people are.

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